300-Hour Teacher Training


May - October 2022
Noah teaching class

Unlock and unleash your yoga teaching potential. We do not produce cookie-cutter yoga instructors. We challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs and the needs of your students. This training will challenge you to investigate the why of how you teach, and ask questions that may not have occurred to you to consider, so that you can ultimately deliver your own lessons and curriculum with clarity and confidence. This 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Crested Butte with Noah Mazé and boasts the highest caliber of yoga education. This internationally recognized 300-hour Yoga Alliance-approved* curriculum is known to be among the very best of trainings. We set a high standard and our students graduate with vast teaching knowledge and skills, and resources and materials they can access and revisit forever.


General areas of study:

  • Teaching Methodology (for both "Hatha" & "Vinyasa Styles"
  • Anatomy & kinesiology
  • Sequencing for every level
  • Sequencing for practice advancement
  • Sequencing for stiff & injured yogis
  • Creative sequencing
  • Hands on (and off) adjustments
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Leadership & facilitation
  • Pranayama, mantra & meditation
  • "Business of Yoga"

Our student body will be a diverse, virtual, global community of yogis with a wide range of experience. Participants will range from newer yoga practitioners to experienced teachers. Students with stiffness, challenges with yoga or meditation, injuries, and health issues are all welcome. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of yourself and your body, and if you want to develop tools that nourish your body, mind, and personal gifts, this training is for you and we encourage you to attend.

This training follows the Mazé Method of yoga education, a step-by-step approach to becoming a skillful, confident teacher. The curriculum combines detailed alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory to provide you with sound skills for teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Your teachers have spent over 50 years collectively investigating nearly every style of yoga, its practices, and associated philosophies. Their knowledge, combined with their approach to experiential education, creates a learning environment that is rich and multi-faceted.

Students will learn to apply healthy critical thinking through an inquisitive approach to yoga studies. They’ll practice innovative teaching drills, gain clarity about how scientific principles substantiate training techniques, explore the deeper dimensions of yoga practice, and leave with a cutting-edge understanding of human movement and physiology. In all, students can expect to complete this training with new perspectives on yoga study, a greater understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and expanded general knowledge.

We will study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama(breathwork), meditation, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and ethics. Each day will be a treasure trove of learning about anatomy, kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and how to use this knowledge to optimize your yoga and movement practice and teaching.

In addition to the pre-recorded lessons and classes, Rocky or Noah will offer live sessions to conduct practicum, answer emerging collective questions and further clarify lessons as needed. Nichol Chase will offer another live support session each week where students can ask questions and receive help with training assignments. Upon completion and graduation, students may choose to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour RYT level.

Module 1: May 16th – 20th / M–F / 8am – 5pm | Crested Butte, CO | IN-PERSON
Module 2: May 23rd – 27th / M – F / 8am – 5pm | Crested Butte, CO | IN PERSON
Module 3: June 14th – 17th, 21st – 23rd ~ TBA | Crested Butte, CO | IN-PERSON WITH ZOOM
Module 4: July 26th – 29th & August 2nd – 4th ~ TBA | Crested Butte, CO | IN-PERSON WITH ZOOM
Module 5: Week of Oct 17th – 21st / M–F / 8am – 5pm | Crested Butte, CO | IN-PERSON
Module 6: Oct 24th – Oct 28th / M –F / 8am – 5pm | Crested Butte, CO | IN-PERSON

For information on Thrive Yoga Crested Butte, the amazing local studio and location, housing options that are available and made super easy ....and more - Contact studio owner, Adge Marz Lindsey, directly: adgeofwellness@gmail.com

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Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.

Pay In Full by March 1: USD $5,000
Pay In Full After March 1: USD $5,500

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  • Successful completion of a YTT 200.
  • Attending students must submit proof of vaccination for COVID-19.
  • To graduate with a certificate, students must be present for all 6 modules and view the recordings if you have been absent. (Enrollment can roll and modules need not be taken in order.)
  • This is an interactive and interpersonal training. We do not require “turned in assignments” and there are no tests or exams.
  • Successful completion of this TT will allow students to register with Yoga Alliance with an RYT-500 designation.


  • Six 40-60 hour modules, described generally below, with space in-between to allow time for integration and application.
  • Live modules take place Monday to Friday on the dates below from 8 am to 4 pm PST.
  • Each morning we meet, class will begin with morning meditation and asana practice. To follow, we will convene for a group assessment and participate in peer teaching with feedback. To follow, the module’s focus will be presented through lecture or practicum.
  • Each module runs for five days with group study and practice, and an online session in between module from time to time (which are recorded).
  • All live sessions and online sessions are video recorded and available to be reviewed in our specially designed online classroom, in case you cannot attend a session or want to revisit the learning.
  • Access to online resources provided for all modules and courses will not expire.
  • Subject matter consists of both live and pre-recorded sessions, and we can work with students independently to help them achieve the schedule and time frame that works best.
  • In addition to the above schedule, each module has additional OPTIONAL “bonus” video classes & homework assignments for you to complete on your own time.
  • Materials include access to our thousand page 200 YTT Manual.
  • Supporting materials and resources are available to enhance your learning, both during and in-between modules.
  • Our program resources provide more hours than the 270-hour requisite. All of which a student can repeat as often as desired. We encourage students to revisit sessions, as there is always more to learn, and repetition helps deepen the learning process.


In this module, we will lay the groundwork for progressive teaching, starting from where you are at as a person and a teacher. This module’s focus will center around pose improvements, demonstration, and observation. We will encourage you to think about yourself holistically, and what you currently offer to your students as a teacher.

  • Opening and closing class rituals
  • Verbal instruction focus – type of instructions
  • Pose analysis
  • Experiential education
  • Full Spectrum class planning and sequencing
  • Ethics of teaching
  • Assessment of applied anatomy & physiology
  • Understanding & mitigating misalignments
  • Clarification of classical form and when to modify
  • When and why to use props
  • How to better use yoga books & resources
  • Yoga Business Topics: Money & Contracts

Continuing on with progressive teaching, we will dive deeper within the body to further solidify your understanding of biomechanics within postures.  From major muscle groups to skeletal regions, we will examine how the body functions to allow the body to enter and sustain various asanas, as well as common injuries and modifications. We will focus on creating and teaching anatomical body region classes, with best practices for demonstration within class.

  • Anatomy of poses
  • Anatomy review and discussion
  • Advanced lessons in muscular function, biomechanics & kinesiology
  • Skills and drills to incorporate into class
  • Verbal instructions
  • Sequencing for an anatomy-focused class
  • Science based strategies for training mobility
  • Demonstrating anatomical terms and concepts in teaching
  • Ethics of teaching
  • Yoga Business Topics: Marketing

Module 3: PHILOSOPHY; TAKING THE TEACHINGS TO HEART How to teach to a theme can be difficult. It can also be overbearing and can feel “preachy” to students. Our discussions will include background in storytelling, folklore and oral and aural traditions of memory, recitation, interpretation and commentary. We examine how yoga has come to be associated with posture, asana, and the dissemination of yoga to the west and subsequent proliferation of modern postural yoga.  we will examine how to properly teach to alignment of postures, and how to best set up your class sequence geared towards a peak posture or a philosophical idea. 

  • Sequencing for themes and philosophical teachings
  • Yoga Philosophy review and discussion
  • Ethics
  • Yoga Business Topics: Developing Business Avatars

Module 4: THE ART OF SEQUENCING Sequencing can be challenging. Sequencing with proper alignment and to a theme can be even more challenging. In this module, we will examine how to properly teach to alignment of postures, and how to best set up your class sequence geared towards a peak posture or a philosophical idea. 

  • Sequencing for alignment-focused classes
  • Focus pose and peak pose class planning
  • Sequencing for every level of yogi
  • Sequencing to your objectives and learning outcomes
  • Sequencing with regressions & progressions
  • Yoga Business Topics: Content

What is vinyasa…really? With many broad definitions out there, we will look at modern vinyasa in its current form today and identify elements of vinyasa together to better understand this style. Progressions and regressions of asanas will be evaluated to accommodate mixed-level classes.

  • Transitions & sequencing
  • Keys to teaching an effective vinyasa flow class
  • Intelligent use of props
  • Understanding pose regressions / progressions and mixed level option
  • Asana: comparative analysis
  • Exploration of yoga specialty areas
  • Business of Yoga: The Art of Skillful Business Relationships

Module 6: TRAIN THE TRAINER: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER The culmination of this course will build your current toolbox that you carry around as a teacher. There are many that we may possess, but either do not utilize them, underutilize them, or do know how to utilize. This module will focus on how to maximize tools like teaching skills, understanding your class as a whole, and how to communicate effectively. 

  • Ethics
  • “Seat of the teacher”
  • Group facilitation & feedback
  • Overt / Direct skills of teaching
  • Subtle / Indirect skills of teaching
  • Group dynamics and stages of group development
  • Training arcs and curriculum development
  • Leadership & studentship
  • Establishing trust and connecting to your audience with “buy in”
  • Professional Direction – “Taking this back to your business”
  • 200 RYT (minimum) with Noah OR
  • 200 RYT through a comparable school OR
  • 200 RYT through a bridging program
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ablility to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this training. A lot of 300 hour trainings will teach you aspects of yoga. The The Mazé Method training is singularly focused on teaching you how to teach those aspects, and that’s a critical distinction. You get the content, but more than that you get the skills to deliver that content to your students.” –Taylor Trussell

“This is the hardest and the most rewarding training I’ve ever done. I really loved it. I love the non-dogmatic approach and the openness to other points of view. The content is solid. The instructors are all knowledgeable. I felt inspired and supported. Noah is a bad-ass teacher and amazing human being. I loved everyone on this team – thank you all!” –Aria Morga

  • We are big believers in getting to know our students personally. We prefer in person communication and respond quickly and comprehensively by phone, and Tracy Mazé may be reached at (310) 871-8808 anytime via call or text.
  • Alternatively, please email themazemethod@icloud.com and include the best phone number to reach you.
  • If you prefer communication solely via email, please email themazemethod@icloud.com and allow us up to a week for us to respond to your inquiry.

For questions about the Crested Butte area, the Thrive Yoga CB studio & the available housing options, contact studio owner, Adge Marz Lindsey directly: adgeofwellenss@gmail.com

What Students Are Saying

The Mazé Method School was created to provide the highest quality yoga education through our in-person and on-demand programs.

“This is the hardest and the most rewarding training I’ve ever done.”

Aria M.

“Studying with Noah has opened up possibilities I hadn’t known existed.”

Natalia C.

“This experience was transformative. I was challenged, affirmed, inspired, and reminded of what a gift it is to be a yogi.”

Willis J.

“I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was exactly what I hoped for and exceeded my already high expectations”

Annie S.