Renew and Refine Your Teaching


August 13 - 18, 2023


Stockbridge, MA
Parivritta Trikonasna Right Side

Become a more effective teacher

In yoga, the quality of your education and depth of your knowledge can make all the difference. Yoga is a wide and deep ocean of wisdom filled with symbolism, mythic narrative, and rigorous philosophies. Yoga is also a transformative process through practice—asana (postural yoga), pranayama (breathing exercises) and dhyana (meditation), to name a few.

Join Noah Mazé, the founder of The Mazé Method Yoga School, and yoga teacher and musician, Nichol Chase to further develop your own asana practice and understanding of pose architecture and sequencing. In a supportive and rigorous learning environment, Nichol and Noah will meet you right where you are so you can renew and refine your practice while learning about

  • Human anatomy
  • Sequencing for alignment classes 
  • Sequencing for vinyasa classes
  • Tools for expression, including effective verbal cues and demonstration, economical use of voice, and use of metaphor and themes.  

Regardless of whether you are a philosopher or fitness buff, the more you learn about the myriad aspects of yoga, the more you can be empowered with the knowledge to make responsible and varied choices

Note This program’s hours count toward CE credits through Yoga Alliance, and is suitable for teachers who are looking for new skills, to broaden their range, and improve their own practice.

Our student body will be a diverse, virtual, global community of yogis with a wide range of experience. Participants will range from newer yoga practitioners to experienced teachers. Students with stiffness, challenges with yoga or meditation, injuries, and health issues are all welcome. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of yourself and your body, and if you want to develop tools that nourish your body, mind, and personal gifts, this training is for you and we encourage you to attend.

This training follows the Mazé Method of yoga education, a step-by-step approach to becoming a skillful, confident teacher. The curriculum combines detailed alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory to provide you with sound skills for teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Your teachers have spent over 50 years collectively investigating nearly every style of yoga, its practices, and associated philosophies. Their knowledge, combined with their approach to experiential education, creates a learning environment that is rich and multi-faceted.

Students will learn to apply healthy critical thinking through an inquisitive approach to yoga studies. They’ll practice innovative teaching drills, gain clarity about how scientific principles substantiate training techniques, explore the deeper dimensions of yoga practice, and leave with a cutting-edge understanding of human movement and physiology. In all, students can expect to complete this training with new perspectives on yoga study, a greater understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and expanded general knowledge.

We will study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama(breathwork), meditation, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and ethics. Each day will be a treasure trove of learning about anatomy, kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and how to use this knowledge to optimize your yoga and movement practice and teaching.

In addition to the pre-recorded lessons and classes, Nichol and Noah will offer regular live sessions to facilitate community and collaboration, conduct teaching practicum, answer emerging collective questions, and further clarify lessons and topics as needed. Upon completion and graduation, students may choose to register with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour RYT level.


August 13 - 18, 2023

Day 1: Stabalize
Anatomy of axial skeleton

Day 2 Move
Anatomy of movers

Day 3 Create
Sequencing strategies for alignment through Hatha yoga

Day 4 Flow
Sequencing strategies for breath-based Vinyasa yoga

Day 5 Express
Verbal cues, use of voice, effective communication, demonstration, theme

$505.00 per person + accommodations

  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

  • We are big believers in getting to know our students personally. We prefer in person communication and respond quickly and comprehensively by phone, and Tracy Mazé may be reached at (310) 871-8808 anytime via call or text.
  • Alternatively, please email and include the best phone number to reach you.
  • If you prefer communication solely via email, please email and allow us up to a week for us to respond to your inquiry.

What Students Are Saying

The Mazé Method School was created to provide the highest quality yoga education through our in-person and on-demand programs.

“This is the hardest and the most rewarding training I’ve ever done.”

Aria M.

“Studying with Noah has opened up possibilities I hadn’t known existed.”

Natalia C.

“This experience was transformative. I was challenged, affirmed, inspired, and reminded of what a gift it is to be a yogi.”

Willis J.

“I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was exactly what I hoped for and exceeded my already high expectations”

Annie S.