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Welcome to Yoga School! This forum is a space for discussion, and replaces prior discussion pages we used to host via Facebook. This forum is meant to be an added resource to help you connect with one another, chat about the material of the course, and ask questions of the teachers, who will visit the forum from time to time. Our aim is that this forum will enhance and promote everyone’s learning. This forum is a safe learning space. Please feel comfortable here and at ease to post all questions, discuss the topics and contribute to the ongoing dialogue. You may notice that Noah occasionally refers to the Facebook forums in his lectures. Although we find this annoying (sorry!), we have confirmed that all the material necessary to complete your coursework in this new platform has been migrated here and everything you will need for successful exposure to the content is available to you here. Please also discuss course substance, your experience with the subject matter and to share your learning processes amongst yourselves. You can also post your course-related questions for friends and colleagues to weigh in about. And, please post about how you are finding the experience of applying the material to your own practice and teaching. We are very interested in learning more about all of you and how this program is serving you.

In this forum, we will insist that all posts are respectful and kind. Please refrain from posting anything inappropriate, unrelated, or obscene. Please also refrain from advertising or promoting your business here. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in our removal of content and/or students from the course.And finally, a gentle reminder that your login credentials and course materials are for your singular, private and personal use. Please protect them and keep them secure. You have access to this course for one year from your enrollment date. In case you need a refresher about our published policies, our Online Course guidelines are published in detail here.

Finally, while staff will hop in now and then to monitor this forum, no teachers will consistently post or participate in the conversion. However, we will moderate the conversation from time to time, and will do our best to weigh in whenever time permits. If you have any urgent needs or issues with any of the course substance, Please email our team at yogamaze@icloud.com.

We are excited to be on this learning journey with you! Happy Studies!
The The Mazé Method Team

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