The Mazé Method, a unique yoga school known for its dedication to the pursuit of educational excellence, offers unparalleled student experiences across a spectrum of yoga academia and experiential education via classes and trainings around the world—and online. All programs are Yoga Alliance registered and CEU eligible.

The Mazé Method teacher trainings consist of a step-by-step approach to becoming a skillful, confident teacher. The curriculum combines detailed alignment knowledge and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory to provide you with sound skills for teaching safe and effective yoga classes. Your teachers have spent over 50 years collectively investigating nearly every style of yoga, its practices, and associated philosophies. Their knowledge, combined with their approach to experiential education, creates a learning environment that is rich and multi-faceted.We study and deconstruct asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breathwork), meditation, therapeutics, yoga theory, yoga practice, yoga history and philosophy, basic Sanskrit, and ethics. Each day in training is treasure trove of learning about anatomy, kinesiology, applied biomechanics, and how to use this knowledge to optimize your yoga and movement practice and teaching. Students learn to apply healthy critical thinking through an inquisitive approach to yoga studies. They practice innovative teaching drills, gain clarity about how scientific principles substantiate training techniques, explore the deeper dimensions of yoga practice, and leave with a cutting-edge understanding of human movement and physiology. In all, students can expect to complete this school’s training with new perspectives on yoga study, a greater understanding of biomechanical alignment principles, and expanded general knowledge. We offer classes and trainings of all sorts as well as in person workshops and trainings around the world — and ONLINE. 

Our training curriculum combines detailed alignment and intelligent sequencing with Vinyasa theory, and is designed and regularly updated by Noah Mazé, who is recognized around the globe as a teacher’s teacher. 

We do not advocate one set of principals or one philosophy. Rather, our students are empowered to teach with confidence, because they possess the requisite educational tools to make strong teaching choices in light of their own individual objectives. Trainings at The Mazé Method are intimate, and we limit attendance. Our extensive, world-class online and in-person learning opportunities are designed to provide the most comprehensive learning experience possible, and if you read what our students have to say about our trainings, we believe we do just that.

We offer continuing education opportunities worldwide, covering topics ranging from yoga philosophy and mythology, to sequencing and anatomy. These 50-hour weeklong Teacher Tuneups and weekend workshops serve to inspire and refine your teaching without requiring the commitment to a longer training program. For those who prefer to pursue your education at home, we have curated a robust collection of online courses on broad ranging topics. These courses can be taken at your own pace, in your own time, and cover similar curriculum to what we teach in person.

As a health-conscious, people-oriented yoga business, The Mazé Method aims to support students in their quest to realize their greatest potential.  We aim to lead by example, making efforts to model what is ‘life-enhancing’ and let go of what is not. We strive for high standards, sweetened with humor and humility, with the intention of continuous evolution.  We endeavor to always speak and act in a way that encourages others to remember how interconnected all things are by being open, clear, direct, kind and considerate of one another.  We also strive to consider our planet in our daily and business practices.

The Mazé Method 200-hour teacher trainings are currently offered ONLINE exclusively. The TT takes you on a journey of self-discovery and education into all things yoga. Our foundational training (200–hour) program is ideal for serious students of yoga, aspiring yoga teachers, and teachers with varying levels of experience. Our curriculum combines detailed alignment and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory, and provides you with sound knowledge and skills to teach safe and effective yoga classes. This training is recognized by Yoga Alliance and focuses in three areas of study: The Theory and Practice of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, and The Art of Teaching. Trainees may thus register with Yoga Alliance at its RYT-200 level upon successful completion of this training.

The Mazé Method 300 hour teacher trainings are a year-long learning journey to unlock and unleash your potential and provide you with tools to increase the potency and breadth of your teaching. You will learn self-empowerment strategies to better help yourself on your own path. You will be making a serious investment in the quality of your yoga education, the depth and skill of your yogic practices, the potency of your teaching skills, and improving your knowledge. Enrollment is limited to 45 students or less. You will receive help from Noah individually and from the group as a whole. At the end of this program you will receive a certificate, which qualifies you to register with Yoga Alliance at the 300 RYT level and you also become eligible to continue to participate in The Mazé Method’s post 300 hour certification program.