We are currently offering online YTT 300 modules online. Our 300 hour program curriculum is well known worldwide as among the very best of training programs, we set a high standard and our students graduate with a breadth of teaching knowledge and skills. In addition to no less than 7 online courses plus 6 online training modules, students are provided with written workbooks and materials to bridge the in between time and optimize learning. 

We are in process of converting our entire YTT300 to be consumed solely via recording; and have 3 of 6 of our modules already available, as well as the 7 online courses, in which you will be auto enrolled upon registration in our training.  This totals many hours more than the requisite 270, all of which may be revisited again and again, as your access to online resources will not expire.  This summer, we will complete production of 3 remaining modules. Between existing recorded material and participation in the modules yet to come, students may complete their 300 hour requirements by fall (in the northern hemisphere) of 2020.

Live participation in tt modules is not required. We are able to monitor your online participation and engagement with the recordings to verify your attendance.  Students may repeat sessions at a later time, as there is always more to learn and repetition is sometimes useful and always a great resource. 

We are currently accepting students into our 300 hour program on a rolling basis. Upon registration, students will begin with us where we are in the cycle of our modular program delivery. To complete program requirements, students will participate in modules in varied order, based upon an individual plan we will put together with you. Your individualized plan will help organize the workload and create a personal roadmap based on your interests, and needs.  Upon your registration we will send you a curriculum guide and at that time, we can look at your personal circumstances and availability and create an individualized plan For example— would you prefer quick completion of the program or do you wish to take your time in learning? Provided we are able to safely return to classroom learning, we can also accommodate students who wish to mix online learning and in person attendance. And, we can plan with you if you prefer to attend with us solely online.  

Due to the personalized nature and delivery of each tailored 300 hour training, tuition for our 300 hour program is the same as tuition listed for our in person 300 hour teacher training, and ranges from $4000 to €4400, depending on variables including geographic location and modular order.

We have many students participating this way now, and more everyday. Students are reporting they are finding great success and are enjoying the flexibility of at home learning. 

Please contact us if you wish to enroll in our 300 hour program online and we will work with you to register you and created an individualized program.