renew and refine: advancing your craft

Graduates attest that our 300 Hour Teacher Training, whether online or in person, is the very best product of its kind. We have intentionally put the highest standards in place and have received the highest praise from our students (via Yoga Alliance’s mandatory rating system). Our students graduate with a vast breadth of teaching knowledge and skills.  

Our online program consists of six 40-60 hour modules (see topic section below). Each module has “bonus” video classes & optional assignments for you to complete on your own time, if you wish. Resources & Materials include access to our thousand page 200 YTT Manual.

Students (you) are empowered to decide whether to view the training modules in recorded format as soon as you purchase, OR to participate in real time (see date schedule below). You may also choose to combine the options to craft a program that fits your specific needs. Your access to training materials and videos will never expire. In fact, we encourage and urge you to revisit sessions. A beauty about learning online: there is always more to learn and repetition helps deepen any learning process.

General areas of study:

  • Teaching Methodology (for both “Hatha” & “Vinyasa Styles”
  • Anatomy & kinesiology
  • Sequencing for every level
  • Sequencing for practice advancement
  • Sequencing for stiff & injured yogis
  • Creative sequencing
  • Hands on (and off) adjustments
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Leadership & facilitation
  • Pranayama, mantra & meditation
  • “Business of Yoga”


  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of a YTT 200.
  • To graduate with a certificate, you must participate online live OR view the recordings of all six modules.
  • We can accept students into our 300-hour program on a rolling basis, so you may register and begin at any time.
  • Live participation is encouraged but is NOT required.
  • Our website hosts and houses all video lessons and written materials in an easy to use platform, which you will gain access to within 24 hours of your purchase.
  • We audit your video consumption via our delivery platform, and you may graduate and receive your certificate when you have completed the coursework.
  • Because this is an interactive and experiential training, we do NOT require turned in homework or other assignments and there are NO tests or exams.
  • This program meets its requirements for Yoga Alliance’s ONLINE TEACHING EXEMPTION and graduates are empowered to register with Yoga Alliance at the RYT500 level upon successful completion.


$3000 before June 15th and $3300 after.


In this module, we will lay the groundwork for progressive teaching, starting from where you are at as a person and a teacher. This module’s focus will center around pose improvements, demonstration, and observation. We will encourage you to think about yourself holistically, and what you currently offer to your students as a teacher.

  • Opening and closing class rituals
  • Verbal instruction focus – type of instructions
  • Pose analysis
  • Experiential education
  • Full Spectrum class planning and sequencing
  • Ethics of teaching
  • Assessment of applied anatomy & physiology
  • Understanding & mitigating misalignments
  • Clarification of classical form and when to modify
  • When and why to use props
  • How to better use yoga books & resources
  • Yoga Business Topics: Money & Contracts

Continuing on with progressive teaching, we will dive deeper within the body to further solidify your understanding of biomechanics within postures.  From major muscle groups to skeletal regions, we will examine how the body functions to allow the body to enter and sustain various asanas, as well as common injuries and modifications. We will focus on creating and teaching anatomical body region classes, with best practices for demonstration within class.

  • Anatomy of poses
  • Anatomy review and discussion
  • Advanced lessons in muscular function, biomechanics & kinesiology
  • Skills and drills to incorporate into class
  • Verbal instructions
  • Sequencing for an anatomy-focused class
  • Science based strategies for training mobility
  • Demonstrating anatomical terms and concepts in teaching
  • Ethics of teaching
  • Yoga Business Topics: Marketing

How to teach to a theme can be difficult. It can also be overbearing and can feel “preachy” to students. Our discussions will include background in storytelling, folklore and oral and aural traditions of memory, recitation, interpretation and commentary. We examine how yoga has come to be associated with posture, asana, and the dissemination of yoga to the west and subsequent proliferation of modern postural yoga.  we will examine how to properly teach to alignment of postures, and how to best set up your class sequence geared towards a peak posture or a philosophical idea. 

  • Sequencing for themes and philosophical teachings
  • Yoga Philosophy review and discussion
  • Ethics
  • Yoga Business Topics: Developing Business Avatars

Sequencing can be challenging. Sequencing with proper alignment and to a theme can be even more challenging. In this module, we will examine how to properly teach to alignment of postures, and how to best set up your class sequence geared towards a peak posture or a philosophical idea. 

  • Sequencing for alignment-focused classes
  • Focus pose and peak pose class planning
  • Sequencing for every level of yogi
  • Sequencing to your objectives and learning outcomes
  • Sequencing with regressions & progressions
  • Yoga Business Topics: Content

What is vinyasa…really? With many broad definitions out there, we will look at modern vinyasa in its current form today and identify elements of vinyasa together to better understand this style. Progressions and regressions of asanas will be evaluated to accommodate mixed-level classes.

  • Transitions & sequencing
  • Keys to teaching an effective vinyasa flow class
  • Intelligent use of props
  • Understanding pose regressions / progressions and mixed level option
  • Asana: comparative analysis
  • Exploration of yoga specialty areas
  • Business of Yoga: The Art of Skillful Business Relationships

The culmination of this course will build your current toolbox that you carry around as a teacher. There are many that we may possess, but either do not utilize them, underutilize them, or do know how to utilize. This module will focus on how to maximize tools like teaching skills, understanding your class as a whole, and how to communicate effectively. 

  • Ethics
  • “Seat of the teacher”
  • Group facilitation & feedback
  • Overt / Direct skills of teaching
  • Subtle / Indirect skills of teaching
  • Group dynamics and stages of group development
  • Training arcs and curriculum development
  • Leadership & studentship
  • Establishing trust and connecting to your audience with “buy in”
  • Professional Direction – “Taking this back to your business”

In sum, we do not produce cookie-cutter yoga instructors. We challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs and  the needs of your students. This training will challenge you to investigate the why of how you teach, and ask questions that may not have occurred to you to consider, so that you can ultimately deliver your own lessons and curriculum with clarity and confidence.



Due to time zones and life plans it simply may not be possible to attend this training in real time.All live sessions are recorded, archived, and available to you within 2-6 hours.

Live-streamed broadcasts include:

  • ZOOM sessions where Noah interacts with students and moderates small group work. In these sessions, Noah will field common questions and address student questions, etc.
  • Pre-recorded classes and live-streamed classes, which are part of the training, are available to students to work with and use as additional resources.
  • Additional resources and videos, including past webinars and related videos.
  • In addition to our 200 Hour YTT Manual, written materials include workbooks, worksheets, articles, and more, which you may download and print directly from an easy to use training folder.


If you wish to start with us from the beginning with live participation, we suggest working with the schedule below, with times from 8 am to 4 pm PST (if you are in a different time zone you can participate in real time in your waking hours and communicate via community channels to have questions answered and dialogue with us).

  • Module 1 (Rebuilding Foundations): August 16-20, 2021
  • Module 2 (Anatomy): August 23-27, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE September 8, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE September 17, 2021
  • Module 3 (Philosophy): October 4-9, 2021
  • Module 4(Sequencing): October 11-16, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE October 23, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE October 27, 2021
  • Module 5 (Vinyasa): November 29-December 3, 2021
  • Module 6(Ethics, Leadership & Facilitation): December 6-10, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE December 14, 2021
  • Practicum & Q/A ONLINE December 15, 2021

If you can’t wait and wish to start right away and participate sooner, you may hop into live sessions in our rolling online program, set to meet as follows:

  • Module 4 – SKILL IN ACTION: Sequence, Align, Activate – Alignment Sequencing Intensive: Focus Pose, Peak Pose, Levels & Courses – July 20-23 & July 27-29  with daily hours from 8:30am -2:30 pm PST– For more about this module see »
  • Module 5 – VINYASA KRAMA: Form, Function, Flow – Vinyasa Teaching & Practice Intensive – September 21-24 & September 28-30 –with daily hours from 8:30am -2:30 pm PST – For more about this module see »
  • Module 6 – BEYOND ASANA: Train the Trainer – Facilitation, Ethics, Leadership, Curriculum & Presentation Design, Professional Development- November 9 – 12 & November 16-18 – with daily hours from 8:30am -2:30 pm PST– For more about this module see »


Here’s some answers to FAQs about this 300 hour TT–

  1. Can I complete the modules and online 300 hour training at my own pace or am I required to be present during every live session? It is important that I can complete the training and make it work with my schedule. I saw that live sessions were optional so I wanted to clarify. My ability to participate will also depend on getting more info about dates and times. No need to attend live though we love when peeps do. You are correct that you can be entirely on your own time. When you register, we will assume you want to be mostly virtual we have an entirely online recorded product you can have access to as soon as you register. (you’ll get immediate access 4 of 6 recorded modules and the other 2 will come this summer/fall– by end of October). Thus, you can work entirely on your own. And best of all worlds the sooner you register means you can have more time to complete. Then, if you want to attend any of the modules live we’d love that. You’ll tell us if you intend to participate and we’ll get you zoom links. There are special ONLINE dates (see the program dates description above) where we will do practicum and Q& A together. We will post all of the timing in the 300 hour slack channel and take student needs into account.
  1. When is the deadline to sign up for the online course? I know you mentioned that this is one of the last ones you will be offering. Sooner is better. That said — longer answer — no deadline but Yoga Alliance wants programs to be finished by 1-2022. So we want you to have the time to work through the material in a way that will be most oriented to retention. YA might extend the deadline too — however the program can be finished but we are willing to allow you extra time to complete if you are well into learning.
  1. I read in the details that the course is Yoga Alliance Certified and meets all of the requirements. What is the deadline for course completion in order to register it under Yoga Alliance as an online training? End of the calendar year is the timeline although IF you don’t make the completion deadline not to worry so long as you’ve put in a good deal of study time prior to year end. We’ll be able to make it work. We vet our students. So you’ll do your best and if we go into next year we will find a way to make it work so long as we close up at a good pace.
  1. I will be on summer holidays in two weeks and want to start diving into the program right away if possible since I will have lots of free time the next two months. Is this an option? Yes.
  1. Will I be ok working on my own? How isolating will it be? There IS a certain lack of feedback due to the lack of interaction That the upside of self study brings. There are some ways around it – but we won’t pretend — self study in this program will be somewhat isolated. Part of the goal of the training is to give you your own measure of how to assess your work. We have various techniques for doing this but we like to lay out teaching objectives – or help you to lay them out (what I like to call “SWABATS” and we define that in the training) but sometimes – most often – it’s not about anyone else’s feedback so much as how to learn to measure your own judgment, desires, improvement and confirm your consistency with your teaching goals on your own. ALSO, we try to foster community and dialogue so you’re not stranded and alone. Here’s what we do to make things more interactive:(1) There’s a community slack channel and it gets busy when we are in session. We interact and feedback there (2) There are peer review groups you can decide to participate with/in (3) There’s also a peer review channel in the slack group. (4) We answer questions in slack too (I tend to be there only when we are in session) and i will interact with you there. There you can pose questions and we use it. We are a little inconsistent about how often we check but I do try to look at it once a week and it definitely look at it daily when we are in session. (5) Most of our practicums happen via zoom during online sessions. You’ll have a chance to see these sessions via recording and many people have indicated that they feel as if they are in the room watching the recording – And often students have questions in common and feedback can be applied to you even if it’s not you getting the feedback -if that makes sense (6) If you find you want more interaction/dialogue and or feedback, you can possibly work it out to join us for some zooms and we can speak to YOU and give you specific time frames when those zooms will be. (An hour or two in a given day is not the same as an eight hour day). Certainly you don’t have to join for all of the live modules to participate in the discussion receive feedback etc.


The depth of knowledge gained through this school is grace-filled and immeasurable. Teachers are gifted! The school exceeded all expectations; it offered a balanced, but a rigorous blend of practice, anatomy, philosophy, and contemplation. Not only did I deepen my knowledge of yoga, but I also learned how to leverage my personal practice so as to create a more authentic teaching style. The International community is unlike any I’ve ever met before. Everyone is welcoming, kind, intelligent, inspiring, and loving. Every person I met had incredible knowledge about yoga philosophy, lifestyle, technique, and compassion. –Brig Wollack

This program was vigorous and engaging! I got so much out of it, there were ZERO corners cut and I would recommend it anyone who is serious about deepening their practice and understanding of yoga. Noah is an incredible and knowledgable teacher and I feel really lucky to have had this experience. –Natalia Chambers

Thorough training. Left feeling much further along as a teacher. Diverse and supportive environment. Teachers challenged students to learn in compelling ways. Also a really fun staff to train with. Loved this program whole-heartedly. –Kate Callaway

As a result of the 300 hour training, I am more capable leading a yoga philosophy discussion, teaching yoga in relation to the body’s anatomy, and supporting a meditative and reflective practice. Noah Maze and the entire teaching team, including support staff, were/are phenomenal. I should add that I earned the 200 hour certification through the Maze Method, so I am very familiar with the teaching style and his in-depth, well-rounded instruction. In the 300 hour training, when I compared my base knowledge to other students in the cohort, I was happy -and so incredibly proud- to have a broader foundation in philosophy, anatomy, and, surprisingly, Sanskrit knowledge. I’m a more confident yoga instructor and inquisitive lifelong yoga student because of Noah and his team. –Sher Amos-Grosser

I found the depth of teaching in the subjects of anatomy, asana and philosophy to be thorough and applicable to the practicalities of teaching. All of the teachers on the course had their own unique engaging style but they all shared a passion for yoga and a sense of warmth and kindness, which shone through. There was a great opportunity to engage in an online community with fellow students which was very valuable. There were also lots of opportunities to communicate directly with each teacher in different time zones, which was extremely well organised and helpful. The videos were beautifully created and produced so as to be easy and entertaining to watch whilst maintaining each teachers individual style and personality. Overall a fantastic course produced by caring and knowledgeable instructors. –Elizabeth York

This training was amazing! I began the 300-hour RYT training during COVID 19, to expand my yoga knowledge. I never realized it would be so fulfilling. I started studying every module, worksheets, assignments, practice, daily meditation, and recommended readings books. I can confirm that they exceeded my expectations. I’m still digesting all the material, notes, and this beautiful experience. I’m so grateful that I chose Noah as my teacher. A teacher who teaches from the heart with great passion. Noah, Tracy, and the team are an inspiration. Thank you so much for doing this. I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was exactly what I hoped for and exceeded my already high expectations. I highly recommend The Mazé Method teacher training program for anyone who is serious about teaching yoga and developing their skills as a teacher. I truly feel ready to keep my yoga teaching journey. — Annie Salado

This 300 RYT program is extremely in-depth and comprehensive – it is very clear that all involved at The Maze Method in putting together this training are passionate, professional, invested in your success and just plain amazing – truly a life-changing experience on many levels! –Teresa Torgerson

This training was amazing! Noah Maze and team are constantly growing and evolving their program. I feel like I could take this training in another year and it would be a completely new learning experience. I loved the style of teaching and how each educational category was woven throughout the specific educational category that we were focused on for the week. Simply brilliant. I felt inspired and engaged throughout the entire training. –Meghan Ruiz

This school provided me with a thorough understanding of yoga. From poses, to biology, to linguistics, to the philosophical and psychological sides of yoga, I was able to develop a broad understanding of yoga so that I could figure out what interests me….I can tell that Noah has really perfected this course and how he delivers the information through lessons and assignments. The lessons are very easy to follow along to, each of which is complemented by an actual yoga sequence, and the assignments allow you to [build upon] sequences and practice teaching. –River Lynch Hope

I loved the way that Noah’s curriculum encouraged us to find our own creative voice as established teachers, while definitely pushing us past our comfort zones and illuminating new ways to approach our teaching practice. I was challenged but encouraged along the way and given many opportunities to contribute to group discussions and some very deep learning. I really loved the Modular structure of the course, which allowed me to fit it into my strange and inconsistent work schedule. They were incredibly accommodating from the start and his team of teachers was just outstanding, each with their own unique take on the same curriculum, inspiring us to take the content and make it our own too. Loved every minute and I can’t recommend their training programs enough.
I was very pleased with this training. Anatomy, asana, and philosophy were detailed in instruction and included a lot of repetition to make the material easier to absorb. Communication was prompt and the course was laid out in a well thought out methodical manner. –Kathleen Brooks

For other like reviews visit and lookup our school (“The Mazé Method”)