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Our 300 hour program curriculum is well known worldwide as among the very best of training programs, we set a high standard and our students graduate with a breadth of teaching knowledge and skills.  Although we are sad that it is not yet safe to be together, students are reporting they are finding great success and are enjoying the flexibility of at home learning.  This program has been approved by Yoga Alliance and meets Yoga Alliance’s requirements for its ONLINE TEACHING EXEMPTION. In addition to an incredible collection of online resources (which never expire) students are provided with downloadable written materials to bridge the in-between time and optimize learning. Between existing recorded material and participation in the modules yet to come, students may complete their 300-hour requirements on the 2021 schedule below in a group learning environment, or in conjunction with individually planning with us, via independent study according to her/their/his own timeframe. 

6 Online Module Format:

  • Our YTT300 is divided into six modules, each between 40 and 60 hours of training, spaced to allow time for integration and application between.
  • Each module consists of roughly 7 days of group study and practice over two weeks: Usually T/W/Th/F for the first week, and T/W/Th for the second week.
  • If attending live, usually live hours each day run from around 8:30am to 2:30pm PST.
  • Our YTT300 subject matter consists of both live and pre-recorded sessions, although we are able to work with students independently to help them achieve the schedule and time frame within which to study that works best for her/them/him.
  • All live sessions are recorded, archived, and available to you within 24 hours if you miss any sessions, or want to repeat sessions.
  • In addition to the above schedule, each module has additional “bonus” video classes & homework assignments for you to complete on your own time.
  • Each module has supporting materials and resources to support your learning, both during and in-between modules.
  • Our program resources total many hours more than the requisite 270, all of which may be revisited again and again. In fact, students are encouraged repeat sessions. There is always more to learn, and repetition is useful. 

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Enrollment & Participation:

  • Completion of a YTT200 is the minimum pre-requisite to enroll in our YTT300, but the more teaching experience you have, especially during the arc of the training, the more you will be able integrate and apply.
  • These six modules are sequential and cumulative; they are designed to be taken in order, with each subsequent module building upon the previous.
  • Notwithstanding the above, we are currently accepting students into our 300-hour program on a rolling basis. Upon registration, students will begin with us where we are in the cycle of our modular program delivery – and will work individually to plan with us to meet the program requirements. 
  • Single modules can be taken as a stand-alone Teacher Tune Ups for enrichment and continuing education credits.
  • Modules can be taken out of order, as we do accommodate rolling enrollment, or completed in a different timeframe, but this will require more discernment and self-direction on the part of the trainee to fit all the puzzle pieces together. 
  • Access to online resources will be provided for all modules and courses and will not expire.
  • Live-streamed broadcasts by Noah (those have a much higher quality than your typical zoom classes or other online learning sessions) include:
    • ZOOM sessions where Noah interacts with students and moderates small group work.  Noah will also address student questions and field common questions etc. in these sessions;
    • Pre-recorded classes and livestreamed classes which are part of the training and available to students to work with and use as additional resources;
    • Additional resources and videos including past webinars and related videos;
    • Worksheets, which will appear in the documents section of each training day’s folder in the area marked “DOCUMENTS.” The documents we will offer to our students will include a workbook, worksheets, articles and more.   Students are able to download the PDFs directly, and print them if they wish.
    • Access to more than 1000 pages that comprises our comprehensive 200 Hour TT manual.
    • Once recorded, the video lessons, worksheets and related material is also organized on the website without the live links. 
  • Due to the personalized nature and delivery of each tailored 300 hour training online, tuition for our 300 hour program is the same as tuition listed for our in person 300 hour teacher training, and ranges from $4400 to €4400, depending on variables including geographic location (whether you are inside or outside of the UK and Europe), special needs and modular order. Even though it may seem counterintuitive, the online format requires additional resources on our side that we don’t currently easily come by; so we do not offer tuition reductions.
  • We will always consider allowing scholarships based upon need.  
  • Upon completion, students must certify they have completed all hours online and we will then audit your participation to confirm that you have watched the recordings and participated with the materials.  
  • We will audit student participation upon completion, and when our audit is complete we will issue certificates of program completion.
  • In order to register with Yoga Alliance at 300/500 hour level, you must complete your modular participation in accordance with applicable Yoga Alliance online standards, which are currently in a modified status due to COVID19. 

YTT300 2021 Schedule and Themes of Live Modules: 

  1. Module 1 – ESSENTIAL TEACHING SKILLS: Teacher Tune Up -Sequencing Strategies, Pose Knowledge, Verbal Cues, Observation, Demonstration, Hands on Assists, Seat of the Teacher & Practice Intensive
    January 19-22 & January 26-28 
    For more about this module see »
  2. Module 2 – ASANATOMY: The Wonder of Your Body – Applied Anatomy, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, & Alignment Teaching Intensive
    March 23-26 & March 30-April 1
    For more about this module see »
  3. Module 3 – Svadhyaya: Taking the Teachings to Heart: Embodied Yoga Philosophy, Mythology & Theme Based Teaching Intensive
    May 18-21 & May 25-27
    For more about this module see »
  4. Module 4 – SKILL IN ACTION: Sequence, Align, Activate – Alignment Sequencing Intensive: Focus Pose, Peak Pose, Levels & Courses
    July 20-23 & July 27-29 
    For more about this module see »
  5. Module 5 – VINYASA KRAMA: Form, Function, Flow – Vinyasa Teaching & Practice Intensive
    September 21-24 & September 28-30
    For more about this module see »
  6. Module 6 – BEYOND ASANA: Train the Trainer – Facilitation, Ethics, Leadership, Curriculum & Presentation Design, Professional Development
    November 9 – 12 & November 16-18
    For more about this module see »

Here’s what a Handful of Recent 300 Hour ONLINE Graduates have said about this program: 

I did my 200 YTT with Amy Petty and Noah Mazé in 2017 and returned to complete my 300 YTT with Noah in the fall of 2019. The first two modules of the 300 YTT were in person in LA, then due to the pandemic, we shifted the program to an online format. I was extremely impressed with the online program Noah and his team has put together! I felt engaged and challenged. The live zoom portions allowed connection to the diverse group of experienced students from all over the world, and a chance for students to bring our own questions and perspectives, allowing me to learn from and share with the other students as well as with Noah. They created a real learning community, which made the whole experience so much richer than I could have imagined an online program could be. The timing and pacing of the day made the online format manageable. Having ongoing access to the online materials and recordings for further study and review was a real bonus. I highly recommend this program! — Kathleen Brooks

This training was amazing! I began the 300-hour RYT training during COVID 19, to expand my yoga knowledge. I never realized it would be so fulfilling. I started studying every module, worksheets, assignments, practice, daily meditation, and recommended readings books. I can confirm that they exceeded my expectations. I’m still digesting all the material, notes, and this beautiful experience. I’m so grateful that I chose Noah as my teacher. A teacher who teaches from the heart with great passion. Noah, Tracy, and the team are an inspiration. Thank you so much for doing this. I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was exactly what I hoped for and exceeded my already high expectations. I highly recommend The Mazé Method teacher training program for anyone who is serious about teaching yoga and developing their skills as a teacher. I truly feel ready to keep my yoga teaching journey. — Annie Salado
This 300 RYT program is extremely in-depth and comprehensive – it is very clear that all involved at The Maze Method in putting together this training are passionate, professional, invested in your success and just plain amazing – truly a life-changing experience on many levels! –Teresa Torgerson

This training was amazing! Noah Maze and team are constantly growing and evolving their program. I feel like I could take this training in another year and it would be a completely new learning experience. I loved the style of teaching and how each educational category was woven throughout the specific educational category that we were focused on for the week. Simply brilliant. I felt inspired and engaged throughout the entire training. –Meghan Ruiz

I loved the way that Noah’s curriculum encouraged us to find our own creative voice as established teachers, while definitely pushing us past our comfort zones and illuminating new ways to approach our teaching practice. I was challenged but encouraged along the way and given many opportunities to contribute to group discussions and some very deep learning. I really loved the Modular structure of the course, which allowed me to fit it into my strange and inconsistent work schedule. They were incredibly accommodating from the start and his team of teachers was just outstanding, each with their own unique take on the same curriculum, inspiring us to take the content and make it our own too. Loved every minute and I can’t recommend their training programs enough.
I was very pleased with this training. Anatomy, asana, and philosophy were detailed in instruction and included a lot of repetition to make the material easier to absorb. Communication was prompt and the course was laid out in a well thought out methodical manner.

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