Our goal is that a The Mazé Method certification establishes some measure of predictability, credibility, and translates as a high competency credential in the yoga marketplace. At this time, students who have a 300 hour The Mazé Method certificate or who have completed at least 500 cumulative hours of study with Noah may choose to attempt certification in the The Mazé Method method.

Our certification program consists of a standardized curriculum and mentorship, whereby each student engages in a mentorship with Noah, as he or she individually works with Noah to meet and exceed our specific, written standards.

The Mazé Method certification requirements are proprietary and published only to eligible students during the discussion/application process; however the program likely includes your completion of several video classes (both “focus pose” and “vinyasa” drills), and assigned presentations. Expect a workload of 1 hour per day for a target period of 3 months. Notwithstanding a student’s optimal target date for certification, certification is performance and assessment based. It is therefore foreseeable that completing the certification mentorship process could take 3 months; but it could also take years.

Once a student has passed and met fixed requirements, and a certificate is issued, that student is empowered to state that he or she has earned a The Mazé Method certification. At that point, as is typical with higher learning, he or she may always offer and advertise that he or she achieved this certificate. There is no requirement that a The Mazé Method Certified Teacher renew his or her trademark license, nor do we require any The Mazé Method Certified Teacher to teach the The Mazé Method method. Further, we maintain no exclusivity rules or restrictions.

A The Mazé Method Certified Teacher may decide to renew his or her license to use the The Mazé Method trademark on an annual basis. This license is subject to the payment of minimal annual dues, and completion of a low level of continued education with The Mazé Method.