The Mazé Method has a no refund policy.  We plan and prepare for our students who have committed to coming.  In exchange for our promise to keep our commitment to delivering programming, we ask our students to keep their promises to pay and attend.  We limit attendance and use student tuition to cover the cost(s) of program delivery.  Tuition for a teacher training or live program is paid in exchange for enrollment. Tuition paid for access to online courses and content is paid to compensate The Mazé Method for your access to our online course content. If you pay a deposit to hold your space, you are agreeing that you will pay the remainder of your tuition in accordance with the payment plan you register for regardless of whether you actually attend.

We understand that our online order and registration process isn’t perfect. Mistakes happen and we promise to do our best to help resolve any difficulties you might encounter. If a defect is found or you are unable to use our online product(s) and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 14 days, please e-mail a pdf file or fax us a signed declaration with a copy of your invoice – sent to you by e-mail when you purchased; and a complete description of the problem you encountered. We will do our best to assist with any problems you might encounter.

We also understand that regardless of plans, life happens.  Out of fairness to all of our students, we do not make exceptions to our no-refund policy, and we must remain consistent; however should you encounter a health issue or emergency, or if you have an unexpected scheduling change and there is space in a class that better fits your schedule, we will attempt to transfer you into a different program. Although we are not obligated to provide credit, in some extenuating instances, we may offer you a credit to be used in connection with another like program of our choice. If we do offer you a credit we ask that you use it within one year of its issuance.

If you are uncertain about purchasing our online courses, programs, trainings, materials, or anything else from our company, please email us at and we are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with pre-sales support.