Here at The Mazé Method, part of the yoga is working with one of life’s difficult truths – hat regardless of our plans, life happens. Regardless of whether you know you will miss time in a program and/or regardless of whether life prevents you from joining the program you plan on participating in, we will always attempt to work with you, so long as you notify us of your needs in advance of your program’s start. 

In exchange for our promise to keep our commitment to delivering programming, we ask our students to keep their promises to pay and attend. We limit attendance and use student tuition to cover the cost(s) of program delivery and we rely on our students’ commitments. Because our organization must spend money prior to each of our programs and trainings in order to show up and deliver the product, we cannot issue refunds, and, out of fairness to all students, we apply this policy without exception.**

All tuition – whether comprised of payment in full or in part – is paid in exchange for enrollment in a program that has limited space. Accordingly, if you choose to enroll – even by paying only a deposit – we must assume we have fewer student spaces open in the program you are registering in. We therefore must also assume that by enrolling in a program you are agreeing to pay the remainder of your tuition in accordance with the payment plan you have selected.

Despite our strict policy about refunds, please be assured that we will do our very best to help you make up any missed time in a program; and we will always do our best to transfer you to another program in the event you are not able to join that program as expected.  Furthermore, while our practice is not to issue “credit,” in some extenuating instances (for example if we do not have another calendared program on our calendar in the same city as the one you initially enrolled in) we will offer you credit, good for at least 18 months from the date of issuance, which may be used toward tuition in any of our self-administered programs – or toward online products if you prefer.

**Although we have an excellent track record and do not cancel our trainings as a rule, if we cancel a program or otherwise find ourselves unable to deliver it, students will be refunded any amounts they paid back.

Mistakes happen and we promise to do our best to help resolve any difficulties you might encounter. If a defect is found or you are unable to use our online product(s) and our technical support staff cannot provide a fix or work-around within 14 days, please e-mail a pdf file or fax us a signed declaration with a copy of your invoice – sent to you by e-mail when you purchased; and a complete description of the problem you encountered. We will do our best to assist with any problems you might encounter.

If you have questions about any of this, please email us at and we are happy to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with pre-sales support.