Noah Mazé (ERYT 500) has devoted his life to the subject of yoga. Noah is best known for his clear, precise and methodical teaching style, his tangible knowledge, and his palpable ability to transmit with openness, curiosity, and wit. In the words of his students, “Noah’s fierce and compassionate dedication to yoga inspires and holds space for students to journey deeper into body, heart, mind, and spirit than they ever could have imagined.”

Ever advancing the larger yoga conversation, he is a leading educator in the yoga industry. Noah is best known for his unparalleled expansion of yoga teacher training curriculum and enhancing the quality and availability of yoga education worldwide. Noah has currently launched several comprehensive, state of the art yoga teacher trainings online, including an intensive 200 hour teacher training, Awaken the Teacher Within, now registering on Yoga International’s website, a year long 300 hour teacher training and individually tailored 300 hour teacher training, now registering via his school’s website,, and several modular trainings designed for more advanced teachers looking to study by topic, also registering now on

Noah serves on the faculty for teacher trainings around the world, and acts as a consultant to corporations developing yoga education programs everywhere. Yoga students may also find Noah on larger yoga outlets, including Yoga International, OmStars and Wanderlust TV. Noah is a regular presenter at world renowned festivals and conferences, during times when the people of the world are encouraged to gather. Noah is a faculty member at esteemed institutions & centers, such as the Esalen Institute. Noah regularly authors articles for yoga publications and periodicals, including Yoga International and Yoga Journal. During times when the people of the world are encouraged to gather, he is a regular presenter at world festivals and conferences.

Noah grew up meditating with his family (both at home and in Siddha Yoga’s Ashrams in India and New York) from the age of four. He began a regular hatha practice when he was 14 years old and has spent his life learning, gathering, experiencing, curating and embodying this vast subject.  He has travelled the world absorbing much of what has been on offer. At one time or another, Noah has been a devoted student of most well-known asana “lineages,” and was/is certified to teach in the majority of those he has studied. Though Noah has experience learning with yoga’s most renowned and sometimes infamous master teachers, he has learned equally as much from his time with his many teachers whose names are not so easily recognized.

Noah co-founded a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school (RYS) now known as “The Mazé Method” with his wife, Tracy. Since that time, the couple has pioneered the creation of a wide spectrum of yoga content that has set the standard for excellence in the world of yoga education. Together, they work tirelessly to help yoga teachers and practitioners around the world learn how to learn, sharpen their skills, increase the breadth of their knowledge, and enhance their lives. Noah has been blessed with an unusually long career teaching yoga online. He spent a decade helping to create and contribute to the success of a well-known website known as yogaglo. After nearly a decade of offering his classes on yogaglo and helping to curate the site’s content, Noah decided to create a platform of his own; and thus he and Tracy founded, a comprehensive virtual learning outlet with an ever growing library, where serious teachers and students of yoga come to study and practice. also offers and streams classes to students of all levels. Sample Noah’s teaching there on

Noah believes that always remaining a student is essential to teaching. He remains devoted to learning and creating new pathways for teachers with all levels of experience to continue their learning and cultivation of their craft, skill and voice.

Noah lives in Los Angeles, along with Tracy, their two children Madeleine and Oliver; at least 4 rescued dogs, and (usually) at least one goldfish. These days Noah bakes bread, grows food, and carves wood in rare pockets of spare time. Writing this today, he is most proud of the sourdough starter he has managed to nurture to maturity.