300 Hour Teacher Training

Noah Mazé & Rocky Heron - Los Angeles, CA
6 modules from October 2020-October 2021

For existing yoga teachers who are ready to increase efficacy and potency, advanced Yoga Teacher Training  is a serious investment in the quality of your education. This training, led by Noah Mazé and faculty, consists of six 5-day modules beginning in May of 2020 (see date details below).

We do not produce cookie-cutter yoga instructors. Our aim is to see your strengths, meet you where you are, and support each student’s unique direction and growth. Our school’s community is comprised of a global “family” of teachers who support and learn from each other. Beyond the unparalleled professional and personal growth, our students report long-term relationships with colleagues in all corners of the world.

Our 300 hour yoga teacher trainings boast the highest caliber of yoga education, as we hold ourselves to the highest standard among yoga educators. We will limit attendance in this program to approximately 20 qualified students. When complete, you will qualify to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour RYT level.

Via this training, we provide tools that will dramatically improve your yoga knowledge, clarity, and focus. Expect to enhance existing skills, and put them to more productive use, as well as to learn new skills and techniques as we deep dive into new and relevant territory. Our curriculum combines detailed alignment and intelligent sequencing with vinyasa theory, and provides you with broad substantive knowledge and skills to teach safer and more effective yoga classes. Designed to help you learn more about all things yoga, leverage your practice, improve your poses—and your experience of them—and leverage your unique skills, through in depth study and exposure to new techniques. Your in depth understanding of the biomechanical alignment of yoga postures will grow exponentially, as will your existing knowledge base. But we don’t stop there.  Our graduates are not only able to deepen their repertoire, and expand on it, our graduates are among the most versatile in their profession– able to deftly translate their new skills and knowledge into variable choices.

We will challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs, as well as the needs of your students. We will encourage you to investigate the “why” of how you teach.  You will ask and answer questions that may not have occurred to you to consider.   Ultimately you will leave this program equipped and empower to deliver your own lessons and lay out your own yoga curriculum with clarity and confidence.

For more details about topics and program syllabus, pls see the PROGRAM DETAILS section below.

In addition to joining Noah & team onsite for requisite on-site learning hours (as more fully detailed in the time/date section below) students will receive digital access to extensive online learning resources and materials via our school’s very own online learning platform.  Included in your tuition is enrollment in no fewer than six of our most essential online courses (currently — Essential Poses & Practice, Essential Teaching Skills, Anatomy 101, Philosophy Primer, Art of Sequencing & Vinyasa: Form Focus Flow), which, standing alone, have a collective retail value of $1800.00. Each of the online courses are taught by Noah and faculty and include hours of video lessons.  Several courses additionally include video practices.  Additionally, each course offers written resources in the form of manuals, workbooks, articles and other downloadable pdf documents, which you will use both during the training and likely for years post graduation. If you wish to learn more about our online resources or the courses included as part of tuition in this program  simply visit our online course portal at www.mazeonyoga.com).

This training will provide students with a growth experience that cannot be replicated. We are confident that if you join us, you will unlock and unleash your yoga teaching potential.


Module 1: October 19-23 2020
Module 2: January 11-15 2021
Module 3: March 22-26 2021
Module 4: May 24-28 2021
Module 5: July 26-30 2021
Module 6: September 27-October 1 2021

Daily Hours: 9am to 6pm

Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.

Core areas of study:

  • Teaching alignment
  • Anatomy & kinesiology
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Sequencing strategies
  • Therapeutics & adjustments
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga and Body Image
  • Psychology of teaching
  • Yoga ethics
  • Leadership & facilitation skills
  • Communication & group dynamics
  • Pranayama, mantra & meditation
  • The business of yoga

As a graduate of this program, you will:

  • Receive individual teaching guidance
  • Expand your knowledge of alignment
  • Expand your personal asana knowledge
  • Be dexterous with yoga sequencing
  • Be an effective class planner
  • Master fundamental teaching skills
  • Be a more confident teacher
  • Understand your individual strengths
  • Key into your leadership abilities
  • Work with different areas for improvement
  • Overcome and move past challenges
  • Plan next steps in your yoga career
  • Navigate success without compromising integrity
  • Possess community building skills
  • Possess conflict resolution skills
  • Be an effective communicator

Our sample 300 hour schedule and syllabus is drawn directly from a recent 300 hour training. This syllabus is meant to give you a reliable sense of the range of topics that are covered, but it is unlikely to reflect the exact schedule or curriculum of our training. Our curriculum is dynamic and ever evolving, so it will undoubtedly be adjusted and tailored to meet group needs. Accordingly, we are likely to spend more time on certain skills and focus areas, while quickly touching upon others based upon teacher experience, facilitation and observation.

Pay In Full: USD $4,400
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Pay in 6 installments: USD $4,800
USD $800 deposit to hold your space
USD $800 due September 15
USD $800 due December 15
USD $800 due February 15
USD $800 due April 15
USD $800 due June 15
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The Mazé Method
Larchmont Village
Los Angeles, CA 90004

More information about exact location and logistics will be provided to students in the program welcome materials.

  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

Here's what some of our students and 200 hour graduates have had to say verbatim (For verification please refer to Yoga Alliance's Website where mandatory school reviews are published)

"The Mazé Method offers a solid, wide-reaching program that focuses on the fundamentals of the learning and teaching of poses, alignment, anatomy, philosophy, teaching methodology, business approach, and much more. The expertise, support, and professionalism of the instructors was encouraging. I am happy to have received my certification through the Maze Method and strongly recommend them to others pursuing certification, or continuing education credit. It was a true honor."
"Noah Mazé is a world leader in Yoga Teacher Training. His articulate, comprehensive and passionate delivery of his YTT programs makes The Maze Method the most highly-sought accreditation within the yoga community globally."

"I will post a voluntary review before I even graduate from this spring session. I love it, how the manual serves as a base to get back to when you have questions, a guiding hand to question your own beliefs, and a work book to explore more than the usual brushing over philosophy & history of yoga. In depth anatomy and pose breakdown help build the blocks to be able to dissect any other pose. The content is well thought out (that color codes post it wall). It follows a logical order. There is a daily schedule with a bit of everything to keep it varied. Asana practices range from relaxing to challenging, short & long,..And the community, with twice weekly live sessions to ask questions and practice teaching, to see each others faces. The online tools to communicate with people from around the world. And this last part, people from around the world, enriching your life with their presence."

"I had a great experience with Noah and the team during the virtual/online 200-hr YTT. It was so convenient for me to be able to take the training online since I work full time and don't live anywhere near LA. I learned so much and feel that I will be able to go back to the vault of materials (videos, recordings, yoga classes, and readings) for years to come. This training is definitely for people who love learning -- you will be fully immersed into all things yoga. By the end of the training, I felt fully empowered to begin my teaching journey."

"I found the depth of teaching in the subjects of anatomy, asana and philosophy to be thorough and applicable to the practicalities of teaching. All of the teachers on the course had their own unique engaging style but they all shared a passion for yoga and a sense of warmth and kindness, which shone through. There was a great opportunity to engage in an online community with fellow students which was very valuable. There were also lots of opportunities to communicate directly with each teacher in different time zones, which was extremely well organised and helpful. The videos were beautifully created and produced so as to be easy and entertaining to watch whilst maintaining each teachers individual style and personality. Overall a fantastic course produced by caring and knowledgeable instructors."

"My training with The Maze Method was a great experience! I have a busy life with 3 children and a business, so they worked with me to make it possible to complete my training. Anytime I had questions or concerns Tracy was very always there to help! I would definitely recommend The Maze Method!"

"The course I attended was comprehensive and generous with its content. I feel lucky to have learned from Rocky and Noah and I feel that I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that has changed my course going forward without question. I learned more in three and a half months with these teachers than I could have learned in 10 years attending my local studio."

"I am very impressed by the teachers, so engaged and competent. They have put a lot of energy and efforts in this complete program. And they all are committed and humble."

"I joined this amazing teacher training in 2019, with Noah Maze and Rocky Heron. This training is highly recommended. They both created such a safe environment, that I was able to constantly challenge myself. There was a lot of growth there as an individual, a student and as a teacher. Both are not only incredible knowledgeable but also so supportive. I loved the experience and they are always my teachers."

"Taking the 200hr YTT with The Maze Method was the best decision I made! All the teachers showed extensive knowledge and experience, not only on Yoga and overall topics included on the training, but also on their own practice, and their ability to teach and share them. They created a friendly and positive environment to learn and to cherish longterm friendships."

"The Maze Method (through the tutelage of Rocky and Noah) was the ideal experience for me and my journey in Yoga. Upon reflection, they provided me with a core foundation of asana that can be applied in many diverse routes from here. They reintroduced me to the anatomy of my body, the history of the practice, and the peace of company during this era of life we all find ourselves in. I feel literate in the practice to now go forth with more confidence and better grasp what speaks to me in looking ahead. Thank you for this gift."

"Really thoughtful and comprehensive online provision, very engaged and organised teacher and admin team. I am reusing the material from the YTT, and I have already been back for more and supplementary material. I hope that Yoga Alliance will accommodate online training on an ongoing basis post Covid, as ideally i would like to pursue further certification through the Maze Method."


For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Email: yogamaze@icloud.com
Phone: (310) 871-8808