300 Hour Teacher Training

Danni Pomplun, Noah Mazé & Rocky Heron - San Francisco, CA
5 modules from February-November 2020

Unlock and unleash your yoga teaching potential. This 300-HR Yoga Teacher Training in San Francisco is led by Danni Pomplun with faculty including Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron.

Our 300-HR yoga teacher training boasts the highest caliber of yoga education. Geared toward existing yoga teachers who are ready to increase efficacy and potency, we provide you with tools that dramatically improve your knowledge, clarity, and focus. Expect to enhance your existing skills, and put them to more productive use; as well as dive into new territory. We have designed curriculum that yields graduates who are able to deepen their current repertoire, and expand on it. Our aim is to see your strengths, meet you where you are, and support your unique direction and growth.

We do not produce cookie-cutter yoga instructors. We challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs, as well as the needs of your students. This training will challenge you to investigate the why of how you teach, and ask questions that may not have occurred to you to consider, so that you can ultimately deliver your own lessons and curriculum with clarity and confidence.


Completion of the course in its entirety will make you eligible for the RYT-500 designation with Yoga Alliance (if you have completed a 200 hour accredited program). You must have met all course requirements, complete any make-up work, and be present for all 5 modules. It is not expected that modules be done in order, however all 5 modules must be completed to be eligible for certification.

Danni Pomplun will lead this training. Our training faculty includes Noah Mazé & Rocky Heron, who will also participate on-site during the modules.


Module 1: February 10-15 2020
Module 2: March 30-April 4 2020
Module 3: June 22-27 2020
Module 4: September 14-19 2020
Module 5: November 9-14 2020

This training consists of 5 six-day modules. In between onsite weeks we utilize online classrooms to apply and integrate learning. Daily training hours run from 9:00am-6:00pm; with an exact schedule that will change as specific hours will be tailored to the teacher’s assessment of group needs, and announced via email to our students prior to each respective module.

Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.

Core areas of study:

  • Teaching alignment
  • Anatomy & kinesiology
  • Vinyasa flow
  • Sequencing strategies
  • Therapeutics & adjustments
  • Yoga philosophy
  • Yoga and Body Image
  • Psychology of teaching
  • Yoga ethics
  • Leadership & facilitation skills
  • Communication & group dynamics
  • Pranayama, mantra & meditation
  • The business of yoga

As a graduate of this program, you will:

  • Receive individual teaching guidance
  • Expand your knowledge of alignment
  • Expand your personal asana knowledge
  • Be dexterous with yoga sequencing
  • Be an effective class planner
  • Master fundamental teaching skills
  • Be a more confident teacher
  • Understand your individual strengths
  • Key into your leadership abilities
  • Work with different areas for improvement
  • Overcome and move past challenges
  • Plan next steps in your yoga career
  • Navigate success without compromising integrity
  • Possess community building skills
  • Possess conflict resolution skills
  • Be an effective communicator

Our sample 300 hour schedule and syllabus is drawn directly from a recent 300 hour training. This syllabus is meant to give you a reliable sense of the range of topics that are covered, but it is unlikely to reflect the exact schedule or curriculum of our training. Our curriculum is dynamic and ever evolving, so it will undoubtedly be adjusted and tailored to meet group needs. Accordingly, we are likely to spend more time on certain skills and focus areas, while quickly touching upon others based upon teacher experience, facilitation and observation.

Pay In Full by October 15: $3,999
Pay In Full after October 15: $4,400
Per module a la carte $1050
Discounts for: Yoga Tree Employees 25% off full price, DP + YT 200hr 15%

**If you want to deepen your education but cannot register for the entire course, you may participate in individual modules.

Yoga Tree Teacher Training Center
175 De Haro Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
See location on map
  • 200 RYT (minimum) with Noah OR
  • 200 RYT through a comparable school OR
  • 200 RYT through a bridging program
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ablility to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this training. A lot of 300 hour trainings will teach you aspects of yoga. The The Mazé Method training is singularly focused on teaching you how to teach those aspects, and that’s a critical distinction. You get the content, but more than that you get the skills to deliver that content to your students.” –Taylor Trussell

“This is the hardest and the most rewarding training I’ve ever done. I really loved it. I love the non-dogmatic approach and the openness to other points of view. The content is solid. The instructors are all knowledgeable. I felt inspired and supported. Noah is a bad-ass teacher and amazing human being. I loved everyone on this team – thank you all!” –Aria Morga

For information about this program, contact Danni, danni@themazemethod.com or by phone at 714-350-9658

If you wish to reach someone in The Mazé Method office, please contact Tracy at yogamaze@icloud.com or 310-871-8808