A Weekend of Yoga & Play

Noah Mazé - Berkeley, CA
June 28-29 2019

Join Noah Mazé for TWO 4 hour Yoga (Asana) Workshops in Berkeley, California, at Yogakula, the afternoons of June 28 and 29 2019.

Sessions are for yoga practitioners and students who wish to improve and break through in their yoga practice.  Injuries & stiffness OK!  This is a mixed level program and will meet each yogi where he or she is in practice. Students can expect to be challenged at her/his own level and to leave this program with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow your yoga practice in the context of her/his own limits and boundaries. (i.e. NOT TEACHER SESSIONS! )

Strong to the Core (June 28 1:30pm-5:30pm)

This slow_and_steady workshop will first activate and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of your pelvis and spine. With mula-bandha and uddiyana-bhanda in place, we circumambulate 360 degrees around your torso and pelvis to systematically strengthen every side. Expect plenty of pelvic floor and transverse abdominus activation cues, supine and seated abdominal strengtheners, strengthening drills for your inner thighs (hip adductors) and out hip muscles (hip abductors), as well as hamstring and back strengthening. Expect specific anatomical cueing and explanation, activation skills and drills, plenty of yoga pose applications, and fun and challenging arm balance culminations. This session is for all levels of yogis who are ready to work hard, learn and have fun. Your core will be fortified, your hips, pelvis and back will be grateful, and your shoulders will get some some bonus strengthening too!

Project Inversion (June 29 12pm-4pm)

This progressively sequenced workshop features handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulder stand. Each inversion will have specific preparation to mobilize and strengthen your shoulders, arms and core. Stages for each inversion will be taught for ALL LEVELS of yogis, and each participant will have plenty to challenge themselves while working within healthy boundaries. Whether you are newer to inversions and want to fortify your foundational knowledge and safe practice of these powerful and graceful poses, an inversion pro looking to refine your knowledge and practice, and/or a yoga teacher wanting to increase your teaching bag of tricks, there will be much and more for you to learn and practice.

About Workshops with Noah Mazé

Noah teaches yoga workshops all over the world. This program is for dedicated yoga students who want to take some extra time to explore postures in a meaningful, refined, methodical way and learn practical strategies for building strength, flexibility and focus. Noah will provide the attention you need to help you achieve your personal goals in your physical yoga/asana practice.

Morning asana sessions tend to be upbeat, with an emphasis on standing postures, backbends, arm balances and/or vinyasa flow. We turn inward as the sun wanes to forward bends, inversions and restorative postures. Students can expect to leave this program with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow your yoga practice in the context of her/his own limits and boundaries.


June 28-29 2019

Friday, June 28
Strong to the Core

Saturday, June 29
Project Inversion

Both Workshops: USD $220
Both Workshops
Single Workshop: USD $135
Single Workshop
Yoga Kula
1700 Shattuck Ave, 2nd Floor
Berkeley, CA 94709
(510) 486-0264
See location on map
  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Email: yogamaze@icloud.com
Phone: (310) 871-8808