For The Love of Practice A Weekend of Yoga Playshops

Noah Mazé - Eau Claire, WI
October 26-27 2019

Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Noah Mazé, for a special 2 day yoga intensive, in Wisconsin this October of 2019. This yoga intensive will boost your practice and sharpen your yoga practice and yoga teaching skills.

These theme-based asana classes take you on an integrated journey of thoughtful inquiry (mind), courageous engagement (heart), and experiential embodiment (body). Each class begins with a brief exploration of philosophical teachings and/or a mythic narrative of yoga. We then physicalize the teachings in asana practice through choreographed sequences of postures, and internalize the teachings in contemplative meditative practices. The yoga tradition offers a wide and deep ocean of wisdom, filled with rigorous philosophical traditions, rich mythic narrative and symbolic iconography. We will explore these teachings in both their historical context, as well as how we, as modern yogis, may derive meaning from these ancient wisdom traditions. If you wish to dive into this ocean of wisdom and engage the teachings while practicing on the mat, these classes are for you. Our exploration will be entirely secular in nature; no belief required.

About Workshops with Noah Mazé

Noah teaches yoga workshops all over the world. This program is for dedicated yoga students who want to take some extra time to explore postures in a meaningful, refined, methodical way and learn practical strategies for building strength, flexibility and focus. Noah will provide the attention you need to help you achieve your personal goals in your physical yoga/asana practice.

Morning asana sessions tend to be upbeat, with an emphasis on standing postures, backbends, arm balances and/or vinyasa flow. We turn inward as the sun wanes to forward bends, inversions and restorative postures. Students can expect to leave this program with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow your yoga practice in the context of her/his own limits and boundaries.

Saturday, October 26 10:00-12:30
Strong to the Core

Saturday, October 26 1:30-5:00
Immersion Session: Demystifying Alignment

Sunday, October 27 10:00-12:30
Project Inversion

  • Asana 1 session prorated $65 before 9/25/$75 after 9/25
  • Immersive Yoga Teacher Session Sat 3.5 hours $85/$95
  • 2 Asana Sessions Sat & Sun Morning session : $110/$125
  • All 3 Sessions: $185/$200

Email or call to register — write to

The Yoga Room
2839 Mall Drive
Eau Claire, WI 54701
See location on map
  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Phone: (310) 871-8808