Noah Mazé - San Francisco, CA
February 8-9 2020

Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Noah Maze, for a special 2 day yoga intensive, in San Francisco this February. This yoga intensive will boost your practice and sharpen your yoga practice and yoga teaching skills.

The Yoga of Floating
When you create a sense of fun and lightness in your practice, when you allow yourself room to stretch to your edge and play and fall — you expand the energy of joy into all areas of your life, from your mat to your relationships to your work and beyond.
This all levels yoga workshop is for yogis who particularly enjoy the arm balances and inversions that teachers sometimes weave into class, and who seek new levels of mindfulness and experience both in poses and the spaces between them. Together, we will explore foundational know-how and outline building blocks for handstanding and arm balancing in the middle of a flow. We will have tons of fun while we also practice the art of not taking ourselves too seriously. We will dive deeper into the trickier elements of inverting: handstand pressing, floating in sun salutations, transitioning in and out of arm balances, with skills and techniques to take home and work with for months to come.

More specifically, Through a mix of analysis and theory, and experiential practice, you will gain many skills to integrate into your practice and teaching. We explore:

  • Strong core (bandhas)
  • Pranayama and effective use of breath for support
  • Floating more skillfully back to Chaturanga Dandasana
  • Floating more skillfully to the top of the mat
  • Integrating handstand and headstand into your flow
  • Integrating arm balances into your flow

While arm balancing poses and inversions are intimidating—they are often more attainable than you think. Learning more about strong, controlled transitions in your practice and making transitions between poses more smooth and skillful is both challenging and fun. Many of the poses and drills we will practice will leverage your ability to float further. We will also explore strategies and techniques for transitions in your vinyasa practice that will help you leverage more balance, alignment and strength. So the next time a teacher offers the class an option to “step, float, or jump into handstand” during a sun salutation, rather than laughing, you might be that student open to stepping into that challenge. And regardless of posture, this new approach to vinyasa transitions will serve to infuse your practice with wonder, exploration, and enjoyment.

This class is for ALL LEVELS of yogi. Stages for all poses will be taught, and each participant will have plenty to challenge themselves while working within healthy boundaries. Our learning will be helpful for yogis who are working toward holding a handstand in the middle of the room. Even if you’re not looking to add a full-on handstand to your practice, this class will help you to add just the right amount of spice, without sacrificing safety or sound alignment.

Prerequisites: Familiarity with sun salutations and a willingness to play with your experience upside-down. Injuries and some stiffness OK.

Strong to the Core
This slow-and-steady workshop will first activate and strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of your pelvis and spine. With mula-bandha and uddiyana-bhanda in place, we circumambulate 360 degrees around your torso and pelvis to systematically strengthen every side.

Expect plenty of pelvic floor and transverse abdominus activation cues, supine and seated abdominal strengtheners, strengthening drills for your inner thighs (hip adductors) and out hip muscles (hip abductors), as well as hamstring and back strengthening. Expect specific anatomical cueing and explanation, activation skills and drills, plenty of yoga pose applications, and fun and challenging arm balance culminations.

This session is for all levels of yogis who are ready to work hard, learn and have fun. Your core will be fortified, your hips, pelvis and back will be grateful, and your shoulders will get some some bonus strengthening too!

About Workshops with Noah Mazé

Noah teaches yoga workshops all over the world. This program is for dedicated yoga students who want to take some extra time to explore postures in a meaningful, refined, methodical way and learn practical strategies for building strength, flexibility and focus. Noah will provide the attention you need to help you achieve your personal goals in your physical yoga/asana practice.

Morning asana sessions tend to be upbeat, with an emphasis on standing postures, backbends, arm balances and/or vinyasa flow. We turn inward as the sun wanes to forward bends, inversions and restorative postures. Students can expect to leave this program with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow your yoga practice in the context of her/his own limits and boundaries.


February 8-9 2020

Saturday February 8 1:00-4:00pm
The Yoga of Floating

Sunday February 9 1:00-4:00pm
Strong to the Core

Single sessions are $55 by or before Jan 30 or $65 after the 30th
BOTH SESSIONS are $95 before Jan 30 and $120 after

Yoga Flow Noe Valley
4049 24th St
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 686-6394
See location on map
  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship

For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Phone: (310) 871-8808