Grow Some Wings And Fly

Our guest blogger today, Mackie Osborne, is a long time student of Noah’s. She and Nichol Chase teach weekly Aerial Yoga classes at the The Mazé Method Studio in Los Angeles. Mackie and Nichol will also be co-leading an Aerial Yoga Intensive in February of next year. Come fly with us!

My whole life I’ve wanted to go for a ride on the Good Year Blimp. That’s my idea of the way to fly, not super high, and definitely not fast. My brother jumps off of mountains with a small  parachute sail tied to his back, he’s a para glider pilot. I love flying with the sail tied to the ceiling. It’s not super high and it’s not very fast. It’s not a jet plane. It’s the blimp. It is super fun and it does demand your attention.


It’s hard to know where to begin to talk about aerial yoga. There are so many fabulous aspects of the practice. I think one of the first things I fell in love with was the feeling of floating. Just sitting in the hammock and swinging and feeling the movement of the air around you is a kind of flight. One of my favorite things is a movement called floating snake where you lie on your side completely enveloped in the hammock and swim through the air like a mermaid on your side that gives a sensation of flying like a little fish through the air. And Savasana in the fabric is awesome!! The gentle rocking of the hammock is like floating on the softest cloud or like returning to the womb. It’s comforting and nurturing and deeply relaxing. Every time I get in the fabric I don’t want to get out. The time always goes by so fast. It brings up such joy and inspires curiosity and creativity. Time spent on the swing is time spent exploring possibilities. What else can we do in this body? In this fabric? I like to call my yoga practice my time in my own personal jungle gym. Aerial yoga gives me a whole new apparatus to add to my time on the playground. I look forward to learning and sharing more about the practice and everything related to yoga, on and off the ground.


Coco Chanel once said, “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” Aerial yoga is one way to grow some wings and fly. And you don’t have to go super high.



Mackie Osborne is thrilled and honored to be a Certified Yogahour instructor and RYT200. She is a passionate and persistent student of yoga and an explorer of inner space. She’s super excited to be teaching aerial yoga at YogaMazé. Her classes incorporate aspects of all the various worlds she continuously explores and the form she inhabits. She is grateful to her all of her teachers including Darren Rhodes, Tiffany Fraser, Noah Mazé, and to BodyMind Centering teachers Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen and Chloë Chung Misner and human dissection instructor Gil Hedley and to her students who continue to teach her so much about herself and about life on this amazing planet.