Nichol Chase

Nichol is a teacher, musician, and veritable yoga nerd. Every yoga pose is a puzzle, and she loves the challenge of putting the pieces together. Her teaching incorporates a blend of invigorating flow and precise, insightful instruction, and she will sweetly serenade you with her harmonium and voice in Savasana. Nichol’s classes are fun, well informed, and empowering!

Nichol started practicing yoga at a very pivotal moment in her life. As a child and teen she studied dance intensely and planned to become a professional ballerina. In college, she studied vocal performance and planned to pursue a career in opera. Dance led her to yoga, and yoga helped her discover her voice for the first time. The more she practiced and taught yoga, the more empowered she felt, which is why she wants nothing more than to lead her students on the path toward their own empowerment.

Nichol trained with three of the most accomplished yoga teachers in the field today (Noah Mazé, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell). Like her teachers, her influences are vast and eclectic. Nichol teaches public classes in San Francisco and yoga workshops, intensives, and retreats around the world.