It Takes Guts: Part 2

Today’s blogger, Jennie Pearl, is a San Francisco Bay Area-based yoga teacher and a The Mazé Method Apprentice.

As part of my certification process, I have spent a lot of time both observing and learning from my fellow apprentices, teacher trainees, and weekend workshop students. What I have noticed is a whole lot of courage, bravery, and dedication. I want to honor the groups and individuals I have had the opportunity to work with because what I have observed has continued to prove that loving learning is possible, despite the obstacles.

Back in February, a group of us got together in LA as part of the certification process and taught full length classes, receiving full on feedback from Noah and each other. The caliber was set high, and I learned a TON about my teaching, what my gifts are, and ways to grow and improve further.

Then in April the 300 hour program and 200 hour program went back to back in LA including a philosophy weekend with Douglas Brooks. Having already been a teaching assistant for the 300 group and offering guidance and support online, I was thrilled to meet such a vibrant, talented, and welcoming group of dedicated students in person. I missed not being there with them the week before last, and loved seeing their inspiring pictures and how much they have really grown as a group.

The 200 hour group showed up with bravery and stepped right up to the plate. By the end of the week, each of them had taught to the whole group. Since their first module, I have seen bits of their homework and are amazed at how quickly they are “getting” it! In fact, I’ve joked around with them that I am even a bit jealous that they are getting such a clear way of teaching right off the bat.

Then there was the May workshop @ Yoga Tree in San Francisco. Especially since this is my new home base, I was so happy to meet eager students who were stoked about learning more. Of all the ways they could spend their Memorial Day weekend, they chose to be indoors, in great company, learning, and working hard (that Friday night class I sweat more than I have in a long time, just sayin’). I was super impressed and can’t wait to continue to cultivate connections with these folks.

And, most recently, there was the Northern Arizona crew. I got to go back to my old stomping grounds and weekend workshop it up with Flagstaff @ The Yoga Experience. As always, I was impressed with the level of studentship that TYE breeds and was so grateful to get to really throw down a mat and PRACTICE. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite ways to learn. Period.

I share all of this with you in hopes that when you read this, (and if you made it this far – woot, woot!) you understand what a difference you make in my life and the lives of one another. Your bravery, vulnerability, and realness has a deep effect on my own learning and I thank you for that. Whether you are a student who has reached out for extra support, a colleague I have grown with for years now, or someone I got to practice next to, even just briefly in a weekend session, I want to say thank you. Noah and team…You peeps make this possible. Thank you for creating a platform for continuing to instill a love of learning, amidst life’s challenges.  I feel lucky to be a part of this community and look forward to continuing to grow and learn with each of you. Thank you for having guts and for being on this journey together.

“There are no formulas for good teaching, and the advice of experts has but marginal utility. If we want to grow in our practice, we have two primary places to go: to the inner ground from which good teaching comes and to the community of fellow teachers from whom we can learn more about ourselves and our craft.”

–Parker Palmer “The Courage to Teach”

With deep gratitude, love, and respect,

Jennie Pearl

Jennie Pearl’s love of yoga is infectious and contagious. Her students come to class expecting to learn and to grow. Her experience as a massage therapist, classroom teacher, and outdoor leader complement and inform her teaching style. She has been a pioneer in the yoga community for her work with teens in settings ranging from public schools to juvenile detention centers. Jennie is grateful for the further inspiration she receives from her primary teachers Noah Maze, Darren Rhodes, and Christina Sell. She currently lives and teaches in the San Francisco Bay Area.