Join Noah Mazé and Rocky Heron and their talented, growing team for Yoga Courses and Classes ONLINE!

maze on yoga

MazeON Yoga  is a practice-at-home platform led by internationally celebrated yoga teacher Noah Mazé. Our aim is to provide a spectrum of exceptional yoga classes and continuing education opportunities for you to pursue from anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night. We deliver a range of classes and courses taught by Noah, as well as teachers certified in his methodology, and other esteemed colleagues and friends.

Whether you’re new to yoga, or a current yoga teacher looking to further your career, and anywhere in between, we have something for you. From twenty-minute intro classes to full-length courses that you can work through over several weeks or months.

We are actively filming, developing and revising a broad body of online offerings; 2 of which have just launched and more of which we hope to release in the very near future. Please check this page and add yourself to our mailing list if you’d like be notified when we release our newest online content.

In addition to offering online yoga, some of our teachers currently offer yoga classes via various online partner channels, including Yoga International, Wanderlust TV, and OMstars.

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