Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Unless you have an express understanding with us regarding make up time and costs, which you worked out prior to program registration, please expect that there WILL be a reasonable discounted fee associated with make up attendance. Make up arrangements are subject to our sole discretion. We WILL go out of our way to help all students with timely program completion. We ask that students complete all make up within 12-18 months of a missed module.

Usually, we are able to accommodate students to attend a portion/module of another program at a highly discounted rate, and are generally able to find space in another one of our programs in order for you to make up missed time. You may also work with us to finish unattended in person hours online. To determine and arrange for make up hours, email and we will help find options that can work for you to get everything set up.  Please allow us plenty of time to arrange tor make-up.

If you cannot stay for the entire day of training, or must miss a day, please let us know. This includes arriving late or leaving early. You can email your teacher ahead of time or inform them in person. We often facilitate the formation of peer groups so you may receive notes and assignments that you may have missed. Ideally, we will discuss and account for planned absences with you before a program starts. If you find that you must miss part or all of a module, you can make up time in another comparable program to complete the Yoga Alliance requirements for registration at the 300/500 RYT level. If you are attending for learning sake and have no need for a completion certificate, no make up is required.

Finally, please understand that our curriculum evolves and changes from year to year and season to season. All of our programs have a robust curriculum and you, our students, leave each training with excellent and voluminous resources, no matter which program you enrolled in. Students who make up time in later trainings are likely to have been enrolled in different (earlier versions) of online courses and may have access to earlier incarnations of our study materials. In the interest of fairness, economy and efficiency, make up students should not expect additional materials, online courses and/or study aids which were not a part of their original training. If you would like additional course materials, we will make them available to you for purchase.