March 23 Newsletter

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Hello From A World on Lockdown.

We hope that you are doing okay in this strange and difficult time, and that you and your loved ones are warm, safe and healthy. 

Over here, every day is a process of trial and error as we do our best to juggle home school, work, and relationships with ourselves and each other. We’ve decided our dogs are the happiest; having all their “hoomans” around all day, every day. 

This virus is a leveler, it is bringing our world to its knees.  It is a unifier and does not discriminate.  It cares not for social status, skin color, political affiliation, religious identification, nor geographic region – we are –all of us– ideal hosts.

As we struggle each day to keep our minds engaged, our bodies nourished, and our hearts from despair, my heart reaches out to all those with fewer resources and less support than we have.  We are indeed lucky and privileged. Remembering our good fortune is crucial. Acting with kindness and compassion has never been more important. The effects of the virus contain great inequity, somatically and socially.  The effects of the shutdown have hit the most vulnerable among us the hardest: those children who relied on school for safe haven and food; those trapped far from home; those with no family and no community; the ederly; the forgotten; the lonely; the mentally ill; and those with no capacity or luxury to simply work from home. We can see all around us how this uncertainty feels crippling. I feel overwhelmed often. Our lack of control is terrifying. We fool ourselves when thinking our lives are “stable.”  Nothing about our lives our our economies are static.  

Our interdependence is at once a necessary resource of deep strength and hope, and a tenuous and imperiling vulnerability. At times my heart is ripped open by an act of kindness, generosity and moments of beauty. My overactive nervous system can calmed by a few slow breaths, and agitated in a space of a moment.  

We are in this together, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, and that has never felt more obvious than it does now. Never has there been a time when we have needed each others’ gifts more. We need your light. We need your art. We need your creativity. We need your ingenuity.  My beloved and partner in all things, Tracy, is offering her gifts to yoga studio owners with a series of FREE online meetings to discuss issues unique to brick and mortar businesses.  We anticipate she will also do some series about running online businesses too. I cannot adequately express how proud of her I am. She is as essential to our yoga business (and life) as I am; and while my role as teacher is to sit in the light, her role has generally been to both sit in shadow and hold darkness at bay. To see Tracy step into her voice and role as teacher and facilitator in the broader yoga community makes me so happy.  I celebrate her emergent heroism and courage to heed the call to be courageous; and I celebrate her powerful and remarkable wisdom.  She is uniquely qualified to help yoga business owners navigate this storm.  That she is making herself available to help brings me joy and many others relief.

As for me, I am working with Tracy around the clock.  Freshening and ramping up our online offerings; completing the production of products in the works; preparing to livestream classes for you next week; contemplating what I can make available at no cost; and preparing to teach our first ONLINE TEACHER TRAINING for FOUR DAYS beginning WEDNESDAY. 

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