Matrices of Vinyasa

Lately I’ve been down the rabbit hole of all things Vinyasa. We devoted three days of this past 300 hour YTT module to Level 1 and Level 2 The Mazé Method Flow, and I am in deep in the process of evolving a multi-level matrix of vinyasa sequences and classes with the great help and collaboration of my colleagues and students.  Here are some thoughts:

In The Mazé Method Vinyasa Flow classes, poses are linked to other poses. The links/transitions between poses are poses themselves. The breath is the rhythm.Through the practice, we cultivate continuous focus, skill, economy of energy, and fluid strength. The sequences are intelligent and progressive, each with a direction and momentum to a group of shapes. Stages and options of difficult poses are offered, as are props and brief demos of difficult poses and flows. Each sequence rides the line between choreography and biomechanical alignment.  Classes are sustained, challenging, and fun. Mula Bandha, Uddiyana Banda, Dhrishti and Ujayii breathing are cultivated throughout.

Level 1 classes are designed to lay the groundwork for a safe and successful vinyasa practice. They are instructionally heavy — cause you gotta learn stuff! These foundational classes develop you physically, mentally and energetically.  The sequences are well-rounded and balanced, with plenty to keep you challenged, safe and nourished.  (We strongly recommend a minimum of 6 months of L1 classes, in addition to alignment based classes to round out your knowledge.  75 minutes.)

Level 2 classes each have a direction and momentum to poses grouped by shape and action. If I were to draw an analogy to movie genres, these classes are less like romantic comedies and more like action adventures.  Everything taught in Level 1 is assumed in Level 2.  Expect strong and sustained standing pose linking with increased abdominal strengthening, multiple arm balances and backbends. Bring your A game.  (75 minutes.)

Level 3 classes are…um, hard.  I refer you to Facebook and Instagram for a plethora of examples. (Permission of instructor is required.  90 minutes.)

I am more excited than ever about developing smart, strong vinyasa.

Join me and Sianna Sherman for our upcoming online Vinyasa course Fire, Nectar & Flow .  Or come to LA in September and step into the flow with us for our Vinyasa 100 Hour Training!

Breathe on, NM