Form & Function Yoga Intensive

Noah Mazé - Ashland, OR
February 21-23 2020

Join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher, Noah Maze, for a special 3 day yoga intensive, in Ashland this February. This yoga intensive will boost your practice and sharpen your yoga practice and yoga teaching skills.

These theme-based asana classes take you on an integrated journey of thoughtful inquiry (mind), courageous engagement (heart), and experiential embodiment (body). Each class begins with a brief exploration of philosophical teachings and/or a mythic narrative of yoga. We then physicalize the teachings in asana practice through choreographed sequences of postures, and internalize the teachings in contemplative meditative practices. The yoga tradition offers a wide and deep ocean of wisdom, filled with rigorous philosophical traditions, rich mythic narrative and symbolic iconography. We will explore these teachings in both their historical context, as well as how we, as modern yogis, may derive meaning from these ancient wisdom traditions. If you wish to dive into this ocean of wisdom and engage the teachings while practicing on the mat, these classes are for you. Our exploration will be entirely secular in nature; no belief required.


February 21-23 2020


Friday Feb 21 2:00-5:00pm
Immersion Session: Art of Sequencing (for dedicated students and teachers of yoga)

Friday Feb 21 6:00-8:30pm
Liquid Strength

Saturday Feb 22 11:00am-1:30pm
Strong to the Core

Saturday Feb 22 3 pm-5:30 pm
Bend Don't Break

Sunday Feb 23 10:00am-12:30pm
Project Inversion

Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.

Friday Feb 21
Immersion Session: Art of Sequencing (for dedicated students and teachers of yoga)
Every pose is in its optimal state when it can be embodied with equal parts of stability and ease (sthira / sukha), but all to often we get bogged down with contradictory alignment cues and actions that leave us overwhelmed and confused, both physically and mentally. In this compelling immersion, through lecture, analysis, applied anatomy, prop work, and experiential learning, Noah will offer a powerful and logical, step-by-step process for understanding, practicing and teaching optimal asana alignment. This session is geared toward dedicated students and yoga teachers eager to understand more fully the applications of anatomy, kinesiology and biomechanics behind asana alignment, sequencing strategies and pose improvement. Bring a copy of Light on Yoga, a notebook and any anatomy or other asana resources you may like to reference.

Friday Feb 21
Liquid Strength
This full spectrum vinyasa flow workshop will heat you up just to the point of liquefaction. Beginning with opening poses and pranayama, we will progress into sun salutations, linked standing pose flows, build core and shoulder strength in basic arm balances, turn in with forward folds and round it all out with some basic backbends. This all levels workshop is not about fancy trick poses, but rather maintaining focus and alignment within the fluidity of movement and the rhythm of your breath through all poses and transitions.

Saturday Feb 22
Strong to the Core
Got core? This class will strengthen your deep core stabilizers as well as your more global core muscles as we circumambulate 360 degrees around your torso and pelvis with strengthening poses and drills. We begin with the pelvic floor and transverse abdominus, into supine core strengtheners and hip openers, boat pose and plank pose variations, inner thigh strengtheners, outer hip stabilizers, back strengthening poses and culminating arm balances. Your core will be slow cooked and your shoulders will get some bonus strengthening too! All levels; come ready to work hard and have fun.

Saturday Feb 22
3 pm-5:30 pm
Bend Don't Break
Cultivate resiliency and tensile strength in body, mind and spirit in this workshop focusing on twists, side bending and back bending apex postures. Learn to bend with appropriate tensile strength and balance stability and mobility in your spine, shoulders and hips. This workshop will feature step-by-step sequencing, applied anatomy, clear instructions, creative prop work, attention to alignment and stages appropriate for all yogis of all levels.

Sunday Feb 23
Project Inversion
This progressively sequenced class will feature handstand, forearm balance, headstand and shoulder stand. Each inversion will have careful and specific preparation, attention to detail, and stages will be given for all levels of yogis. Whether you are an inversion pro, or desire to learn how to do these powerful and graceful poses, there will be much for you to learn and practice.

Individual session: $55 before Feb 6, $65 after

Friday Teacher Immersion only: $90 before Feb 6, $105 after

Pricing for all workshop sessions: $205 before Feb 6, $240 after (does not include Teacher Immersion)

complete participation is recommended, but not required.

Ashland Yoga Center
303 Fourth Street
Ashland, OR 97520
541-488-YOGA (9642)
See location on map
  • 1 year of yoga practice recommended
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Stiffness and injuries OK
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship
This training is led by Noah Mazé.

“I would definitely recommend this program, and I already have. It was top notch in quality and quantity of material, as well as in support and openness and communication. Noah’s unique experience has produced an unparalleled leader, facilitator, and guide. Lessons learned in our training modules have extended far beyond the scope of yoga into life and relating to others in a more effective manner. I received SO MUCH, this training goes above and beyond for any student wanting to deepen their skills, gain confidence, and reach a new level of mastery in yoga.”

“Noah is inspiring and exhibits an unparalleled mastery of teaching. For some time now, I have been contemplating the notion, “be impeccable with your word.” I tried to think of people who embody this and would often come up empty until I met Noah. Noah is careful with his words, exhibits accuracy, accountability, and thoughtful articulation. These are important qualities in an effective leader. When Noah speaks, people listen – and they take it to heart. Along with that, he also embodies creativity, playfulness, humor, sensitivity, and ardor. All of these qualities make for a very well-rounded, inspiring leader and I feel honored to have received guidance and to have learned such a great deal, not just about yoga, but about life.”

For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Phone: (310) 871-8808