Teacher Tuneup Vinyasa Yoga - Creating a Flow State

Rocky Heron - Berlin, Germany
June 25-30 2019

The yoga tradition has the better part of 3,500+ years of rigorous philosophical traditions, each arguing their own views about the world and human life; and the goals/meanings/purposes of this whole project called life/dharma/yoga; and 6,000+ years of mythology/story telling/archetypes. How does that reduce down and package as 60 or 75 minutes? It does not.

In any one yoga class, we are teaching a fraction of a fraction of a fraction (etc.) of this immensity of material. Most of the poses we teach are not older than 1930s-1950s, c/o Krishnamacharya and the “Mysore Asana Revival.” Other asanas were just invented on Instagram last week. Add that there are no standards or agreements over methodology and pedagogy in modern postural yoga across stylistic boundaries.

This is a vast and diverse stew called yoga. We love the complexity and diversity and conflicting views and nuance. But it takes a while to really get enough of an education to appreciate the diversity. Knowledge often expands the horizon of ignorance.

If you are already RYT200 and you wish to expand and refine your teaching and your career, now is the time join internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Rocky Heron (Yoga International/yogaglo) for a special Vinyasa Teacher Tuneup in Berlin, at the end of June, 2019.

This yoga intensive will boost your practice and sharpen your yoga practice and yoga teaching skills, as we stir collective consciousness and capitalize upon what comes up in community. Each day will focus deeply on a primary category of skill and learning, a sequencing strategy and a postural category. You will expand your tool kit in sequencing for alignment classes, sequencing for vinyasa classes, effective verbal cues, observation and pose improvement, postural demonstrations, and physical adjustments, as you learn how to up level your vinyasa yoga game.

As vinyasa yoga becomes more common, quality varies greatly. Vinyasa classes more closely resemble fitness classes (remember aerobics?) than ever before, and “vinyasa culture” is sitting on a spectrum that seems to grow broader by the hour. In this program, we will explore how to safely and most effectively CREATE the FLOW STATE your students crave, while providing you with knowledge, strategies and techniques to set your students up for success.

Expect strong intermediate practices each day with Rocky to further develop your own vinyasa practice and understanding of pose and transition architecture. You will be met right where you are at in your yoga experience and you will go to the next level in a supportive and rigorous learning environment.

Whether you are a vinyasa teacher looking for new skills and tools, or an alignment-based teacher seeking to broaden your range, this week will grow your tools and understanding. Embody your own most effective and powerful teacher and the quality and integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical.


June 25-30 2019

Daily Hours: 10am to 6pm

Complete participation is strongly recommended. However, life events and circumstances sometimes take priority, and we are as flexible and reasonable as we can be with our students. Makeup options are available. Please see our Makeup Policy for more information.

DAY 1: Form, Function & Flow: What every vinyasa teacher needs to know, organizing principles and essential skills, Level 1 focus

  • What is vinyasa yoga? Etymology of vinyasa, definitions, historical context and contemporary vinyasa
  • Organizational principles of vinyasa
  • Vinyasa teaching strategies and skills
  • Vinyasa sequencing
  • Overview levels of vinyasa classes: Level 1, Mixed Levels, Level 2-3
  • How to balance pose instruction with rhythm, pace and flow
  • How to teach and not lose momentum and flow
  • How to cue the breath and keep consistent rhythm
  • Physical adjustments
  • Demonstration techniques
  • Environment: classroom organization, heat, light, music
  • Seat of the teacher; how to hold the space of challenge and compassion
  • How to begin class: arriving and settling poses
  • How to introduce and teach seated ujayii pranayama
  • Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara A
  • Lesson planning: How to give effective Chaturanga Dandasana (modified) tutorial
  • Lesson planning: Progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara B

DAY 2: Foundations of Flow: Effective and safe 60-minute level 1 classes continued

  • Level 1 syllabus of poses
  • Sequencing of level 1
  • Difficult poses and transitions and common misalignments
  • How to balance instruction with pace, rhythm and flow
  • How to give effective (brief) postural demonstrations
  • Modifications, options and prop use and other pose improvement strategies
  • How to introduce and teach mula and uddiyana bandha
  • How to create focus and provide recovery time during class
  • Repetition; instructional round and 1 breath per pose round
  • Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara C (standing pose linkings)
  • Lesson planning: abdominal strengthening, arm balances and forward bends
  • Lesson planning: basic backbends
  • Closing postures, savasana and ending class

DAY 3: Meaningful Boundaries: 75-minute mixed level vinyasa classes to PEAK POSE (backbend)

  • Mixed level syllabus of poses; standing poses and backbends
  • How to introduce and teach supine ujayii pranayama
  • How to teach with meaningful options and stages for all levels of students
  • How to teach handstand and forearm balance in mixed level vinyasa
  • Mixed level strategies for Surya Namaskar, A, B & C
  • How to never give up on improving chaturanga dandasana
  • How to progressively prepare for safe and effective backbend peak pose classes
  • How to introduce and teach nadi shodhana pranayama

DAY 4: Meaningful Boundaries: 75-minute mixed level vinyasa classes to PEAK POSE (arm balance/hip opener)

  • How to teach headstand in mixed level
  • Mixed level syllabus of arm balances, hip openers and forward bends
  • How to progressively prepare for effective arm balance/hip opener peak pose mixed level classes
  • How to introduce and teach viloma pranayama, kumbaka

DAY 5: Raise the Bar: 90-minute intermediate/advanced vinyasa classes PEAK SEQUENCE 

  • Intermediate/advanced syllabus of poses
  • How and when (and when not to) to teach intermediate/advanced vinyasa
  • How to increase the challenge and safely manage risk
  • Set your students up for success; no curve balls, no surprises
  • How to sequence intelligently for peak sequence
  • Intermediate/advanced vinyasa transitions and skills
  • How to teach kapala bhati pranayama
  • How to effectively lead practice-style classes

Pay In Full: EUR €800
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YogaCircle Berlin Akademie
Stargarder Straße 25
Berlin, Germany 10437
+49 (304) 471-8418
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  • Completion of 200YTT recommended
  • Willingness to participate in a group process
  • Ability to give and receive feedback skillfully
  • Dedication, motivation and self directed studentship
This training is led by Rocky Heron.

“Rocky really wowed me. He is a rock star and I feel so privileged to have observed and taken in information from him. Rocky is a distinctly colorful individual who happens to embody a similar level of excellence to Noah. I fell in love with Rocky in this program and would highly recommend him to everyone as a teacher and a guide” – Carol King

“ I came into this program knowing very little and as we progressed through the modules and online discussions, I noticed that I developed good and strong habits that are effecting more than just my teaching yoga. This training has deepened my own practice and my understanding of the poses as well as of the history and discipline surrounding yoga. The program has introduced me to a new community of people and I have made friends and family as we struggle, learn and prevail together. ” – Nicholas Trubachick

For more information about the program or the curriculum contact Tracy:
Email: yogamaze@icloud.com
Phone: (310) 871-8808