Yoga Strong – 10 Class Series in March




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Join Noah to renew and boost your practice, get strong, and celebrate embodiment in community with this 10-class series in March. Throughout this series you will practice a full range of yoga poses and movement modalities with a consistent focus on strength and stability and the muscular activations needed to stabilize and control your range of motion.

Each practice begins with a few minutes of centering and attunement to body and breath. From there, each will have a different postural emphasis, focus, and inspiration; designed so that we move our bodies in every direction and optimize stability with flexibility. Throughout each week you can expect strong work in foundational poses, activation skills and drills, creative prop work, progressive sequencing, alignment specifics into dynamic vinyasa crescendos, and deeply restful restorative poses and breathwork (see below for daily class descriptions).

How does it work to participate? Register and join the live daily classes at 9am PST Monday thru Friday and practice together online. If you can’t make the live class, you can access the class recording shortly after each live practice completes and repeat the classes as many times as you want for up to 2 weeks after the final session completes. If you wish to maintain your access longer, join our YogaLive subscription and continue accessing these 10 classes and the entire archive of YogaLive classes on

What props do I need? I love props and often teach and practice with lots, but you can also make do with whatever you have available that day, and I will give options for those who have fewer props available. If you don’t have exactly what I’m using, just improvise as best you can and substitute for what you don’t have with what you do have. In general (and if possible), I recommend having on hand: a yoga mat, 3 to 5 yoga blankets, a bolster or pillow, 2 blocks, a strap, a resistance band, a backless yoga chair, and sliders (blankets or towels or socks on a hard surface floor, or furniture/exercise sliders).

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FUNdamental Mondays are about strong work in basic poses, often a focus on standing postures with creative prop work, muscular activation skills and drills, mobility work, and pose regressions and progressions.

Tensile Strength Tuesdays are strength focused, with lots of deep core activations, 360-degree core strengthening, and applications into strength-based poses and arm balance peak pose moments, with an overall emphasis on staying strong and integrated in every movement.

Wednesday Bendsdays have an emphasis on backbending postures and extension-based movement, with careful step-by-step sequencing and prop work to safely open your front body structures and strengthen your back body structures.

Thankful Thursdays move more slowly, with delicious restorative poses, and generously utilize props for support in inversions, forward folds, meditation, and pranayama.

Fearless Fridays culminates the week of practice and integrates much of the work of previous classes, usually with an emphasis on dynamic breath-based vinyasa, and cultivating a strong and courageous presence in our bodies and hearts, with progressive sequencing towards peak poses.

  • We are big believers in getting to know our students personally. We prefer in person communication and respond quickly and comprehensively by phone, and Tracy Mazé may be reached at (310) 871-8808 anytime via call or text.
  • Alternatively, please email and include the best phone number to reach you.
  • If you prefer communication solely via email, please email and allow us up to a week for us to respond to your inquiry.

What Students Are Saying

The Mazé Method School was created to provide the highest quality yoga education through our in-person and on-demand programs.

“This is the hardest and the most rewarding training I’ve ever done.”

Aria M.

“Studying with Noah has opened up possibilities I hadn’t known existed.”

Natalia C.

“This experience was transformative. I was challenged, affirmed, inspired, and reminded of what a gift it is to be a yogi.”

Willis J.

“I will forever be grateful for this experience. It was exactly what I hoped for and exceeded my already high expectations”

Annie S.