Hello from the Road!

Greetings from the road! Summer is in full swing and I have been traveling with Tracy and the kids in tow for a week and a half now. In between teaching at two yoga festivals, I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to visit my family in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado.

Our journey started in Telluride, CO for the Telluride Yoga Festival. As soon as we landed in Colorado, I. Felt. Home. Teaching at Telluride Yoga Festival was a tremendous pleasure — great students and great company in one of the most special places on earth.  When I wasn’t teaching I had a wonderful time climbing with my girl Madeleine…

Climbing with my baby girl at the Telluride Yoga Festival.

…and a major highlight was time spent bonding with my boy Oliver at the Ride Festival. We heard sets by Spoon and Thievery Corporation. We played. We spun. We danced. We ate salt & vinegar chips and chocolate. He drank milk and I drank hoppy IPA. The night was perfect, and the air was aromatic (it is Colorado, after all). I love Telluride!

Hanging with my boy at the Ride Festival.

After Telluride we were able to spend some quality time visiting my mom and my grandma in Boulder, Colorado. It had been almost a year and a half since our last visit. Too long. Everyone is in good health.

Sitting on my mom’s lap, visiting 89 year old Grandma Betty with the kids.

While in Boulder,  Madeleine and Oliver delighted in making clay animals at Grandma Ruthann’s pottery studio.  My mother has been a full time painter an ceramic artist in Boulder for 40 years. When I was 8, I made ceramic dinosaurs and sold them at their arts & crafts festivals.

At Grandma Ruthann’s pottery studio, clay comes to life as elephants, turtles, frogs, lions and butterflies.

It was so sweet to see my family, but we had to cut it a bit short because Wanderlust Festival Squaw Valley was calling! So after a few short days we we jumped from the Rocky Mountains to the Sierra Mountains…


Squaw Valley in a nutshell: A surreal blend of enthusiastic yoga people (my informal survey says about 85% women, utterly cheerful, sportily dressed in trainers and cropped yoga pants with yogamats slung over a shoulder, sunglasses and dangly earrings), nature art and retail booths in the sprawling compound of an aging Olympic ski village. Occasionally bikes and golf carts whizzed by. The atmosphere was playful. Acro yoga and hoola-hoops abounded. 

Here are a few snapshots from an EPIC weekend of Wanderlusting:

My wife, Tracy, and the kids took a Little Hippies Yoga family yoga class near “The Mothership” while I taught hip openers inside…
#Koalabearyoga goes Acro!

Play time with my yoga brothers Rocky Heron and Andrew Sealy.
Teaching class at Wanderlust was great — students wanted to work hard!
And I was blessed to have Rocky Heron’s beautiful music and skillful assistance in each of my classes. I’m honored to have him as my friend and colleague.

I left Wanderlust with so much gratitude and love for family and friends, old and new.

And today I’m back home in Los Angeles, but for only for about 24 hours, and then I’m bound for Bali!

With The Mazé Method emissaries Amy Petty and Sarah Bohairy — I’ll be seeing these brilliant teachers very soon!

I’m always sad to say goodbye to my family, but so excited to see and teach with The Mazé Method Emissaries Sarah Bohairy and Amy Petty. These two women are incredible yoginis and teachers, and they are rocking out a month-long The Mazé Method intensive 200 hour teacher training. I’ll teach week 3 of the program at Radiantly Alive Yoga in Ubud.

That’s the good word from the road! Hope our paths will cross again soon, somewhere on the planet…

xo –


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  1. Thanks Noah for sharing with us all – I hope to be able to be part of your intensive teacher training some day / meantime I’ll keep practicing along with you and others on yogaglo! Kind regards Kelvyn

    1. Hi Kelvyn! Thanks for your message and thanks for practicing with me on YogaGlo. We would love for you to train with us! Please contact us at noah@noahmazeyoga.com for more information. Best, Noah

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