#YOGAMAZÉ101 Instagram Challenge Round Up!

This week we wrapped up the #The Mazé Method101 40-Day Instagram Challenge. To everyone who participated, THANK YOU for your tenacity and commitment to yoga over the past 40 days. They say that if you do something for 40 days straight, it becomes a part of your life. It is my sincere hope that you will keep practicing daily.

Gratitude to my skillful and wise challenge hosts: Rocky Heron, Gordon Ogden, Becka Janse, Andrew Sealy, Jennie Pearl, Sarah Bohairy, Amy Petty and Deera Dewi. I love you guys!

Thank you also to our generous and amazing sponsors: The Mazé Method, Kharma Khare and YogaPaws.

For your viewing pleasure, here are some collages featuring our weekly winners and fearless hosts:

Week One Winners: @nicoleber, @blaim & @proseandposes
Week Two Winners: @maschac, @yogasophie & @kalayasatie
Week Three Winners: @krissy_lea, @rebecawadsworth & @bredowning
Week Four Winners: @cdp_yogini, @carriefraseryoga & @alexhasselkuss
Week Five Winners: @oberbecca, @jenniferdavisyoga & @nataliafrancisco
Co-hosts: @amypettyyoga, @andrew7sealy, @yogawithrocky & @beckajanse
Co-hosts: @gordonogden, @jenniepearlyoga, @deeradewi & @sarahbohairy

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  1. With gratitude Noah,

    I thank you for organizing a beautiful challenge that inspired and educated so many. Your wisdom and benevolence shines bright. Excited to host another challenge with you in the future.

    Satnam Namaste
    Andrew Sealy

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